10 Cool Travel Gadgets to buy for your next trip

Travelling is fun for many people. However, with the preparation that goes into it, it can be pretty stressful. As you worry about your luggage safety, you are also thinking about charging your devices. But with the help of new and innovative travel gadgets, you can now travel with ease. This guide will discuss 10 of these cool gadgets you should consider getting for your next trip. Let’s dive in.

Smart suitcase

A smart suitcase is one of the gadgets you should think of buying for your next trip. You can use it to charge your essential equipment such as a laptop and other devices. It usually comes with a removable battery and has several other features such as GPS tracking, electronic locks and Bluetooth connectivity. With a smart suitcase, you can store your luggage safely and track them easily. Some popular brands are Bluesmart and G-RO.

Automated travel vacuum

An automated travel vacuum helps create space in your luggage by compressing your clothes in a vacuum bag. So instead of travelling with two bags, you can fit your clothes in one. The good thing is that automated travel vacuums are small, so they fit easily in your luggage as well. Among the popular brands you can go for are Vago, Debest and VMSTR.

Smart luggage lock

Next on the list is a smart luggage lock. This is a lock that not only helps prevent your luggage from opening by accident but also provides security. It often comes with Bluetooth or wireless capability and send alerts to your phone when being tampered with. This way, you can travel without having to worry much about stuff in your luggage falling off or being stolen. Some decent smart locks out there you can use are WiT, Master Lock and Fosmon.

Optical camera lens for smartphones and tablets

Another good travel item is an optical camera lens for phones and tablets. This is a good gadget for people that love photography. It lets you zoom in and get your phone camera closer to the action. With these camera lenses, you can take more beautiful travel pictures. You will find a few brands to use at local and online stores, such as Xenvo Pro Lens, Kenko and Sevenka.

Universal travel adapter

This is a standard power supply adapter that can cater for a power range between 10 and 130W (and sometimes 240W). With the adapter, you can charge your laptop computer, smartphones, tablets and more while travelling since the adapter usually has many ports. Among the notable brands out there you can buy are Epicka, OneAdaptr and Zendure Passport.

Water purifying bottle or water filter straw

Water is an essential nutrient for life. However, you don’t want to drink contaminated water when travelling. So, a water purifying bottle or filter straw can be a good gadget to have. It removes chlorine, bacteria and metals that can make water taste weird. You can buy a purifying bottle for a few dollars, and some good brands to use are Brita, UVBrite and CrazyCap.

Portable tripod

A portable tripod should be among the next travel gadget you should get if you love travel photography. It helps hold a camera steady, allowing you to take beautiful pictures and videos with zero movements. Some good portable tripods for travel include Peak Design Travel Tripod, Siru T-OS and MeFOTO Roadtrip S.

Travel steam iron

A steam iron helps to smooth out wrinkly clothes without an ironing board. It produces moisture and heat to get rid of wrinkles on your clothes in just seconds. This makes it a good travel gadget to have, especially since you may not have a traditional iron available. Besides that, it is pretty portable and affordable. Among the good brands to go for are iSteam and Steamfast.

Portable wi-fi hotspot

You surely want your devices to stay connected to the internet while travelling. This is where a portable Wi-Fi hotspot comes to play. It taps into cellular data networks like a smartphone. Moreoever, it allows you to share the internet connection with your other devices like laptops, phones and tablets through wireless. This way, your regular internet activities are not affected, and you can play your favourite casino games like online slots, or chat with your friends back home. Some brands you can buy are GlocalMe, TP-Link and Macaroon.

USB solar charger

Nobody likes their mobile device battery running out, especially when you are somewhere with no power source. With a USB solar charger, you can easily use solar energy to charge your mobile device through USB while travelling. Popular brands to use are Himino, Goal Zero Nomad and Big Blue.


There you have it! We’ve discussed 10 cool travel gadgets you should probably get for your next trip. These are all useful gadgets ranging from smart locks to secure your luggage to USB solar chargers to charge your devices. Most of these gadgets are affordable, but before choosing any brand, make sure you read reviews. Remember, travelling should be easy and fun, so why not get some of these gadgets to help!

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