10 Tips for Making the Perfect Dating Profile

Having the right dating profile will maximize your chances of finding a date. A recent survey found that most women believe that a man’s profile photos are the most important factor when choosing potential dates. In addition to choosing your photos carefully, you should make sure your written profile is equally appealing.

The following 10 dating profile tips will help you create a better online dating experience for yourself and increase your chances of finding a date.

Focus on Your Strengths

When creating a dating profile, it can be easy to focus exclusively on what makes you unique or different from other people out there looking for love. You may be three inches shorter than average or have been through numerous job changes in the past few years. Deciding whether you’re funny, interesting, loyal, or passionate is not likely to affect potential matches’ initial interest in meeting you.

In other words, you do not want to apologize for who you are or boast about your flaws in an attempt to appear humble. Instead, focus on what really makes you different from the other guys out there and play these up as much as possible. If you’re a great cook, include this information in your profile. If you have a deep interest in politics, post some of your favorite memes. Whatever it is that truly sets you apart from others should be included in your dating profile.

Avoid Self-Description Nicknames

Just like any piece of marketing material, a dating profile needs to be instantly readable and memorable. It should also have clear goals around creating initial contact with potential matches and converting those contacts into meaningful interactions.

If you choose to use a nickname or initials as your dating profile user name, this may convey an amateurish tone. Using nicknames also limits the number of people who can contact you through the site’s internal messaging system. By default, these messages are sent between users with matching membership levels, which can exclude lower-tier members from being able to message some of the site’s most attractive users.

Don’t Try To Be Funny

If you’re interested in someone on a dating website, what would be the best way for them to learn about your sense of humor? Providing them with dry one-liners that they will have to decipher or leaving it up to their imagination? A better approach is letting them see how you interact with others.

In making the perfect dating profile, it is more important to come off as a sincere individual than someone who can make them laugh. Your potential matches want to get a feel for your personality and sense of humor before they decide whether or not to meet up in person with you. As such, posting memes that match your interests or engaging in witty banter with other people on the site are excellent ways to accomplish this goal.

Use Your Profile To Highlight Your Identity

If you’re currently employed, working on completing your degree, or transitioning into another career field, including this information in your profile will help potential matches understand the type of person you are (e.g., ambitious). This can also be useful information for those who may be dating someone in a similar situation to themselves and want to know if you share common values.

Avoid Negative Comments About Your Exes

If you’re currently not in a relationship, your profile must represent you positively. There’s nothing wrong with telling future matches that you’re looking for casual flings or short-term relationships. However, you should avoid posting anything that could be construed as insulting or demeaning about your exes. One of the worst ways to attract potential partners is by coming off as bitter and resentful because this shows poor emotional health and stability.

Remember: You Are Selling Yourself Online

There are thousands of members on the major dating websites, so don’t make your potential matches work too hard to learn the most important things about you. Show off your best qualities and list all of your desirable traits. If you’re passionate, let them know this is an area that deserves a lot of attention in their lives.

Don’t Include Embarrassing Details About Yourself

You must avoid including personal information, such as dyslexia or financial problems, which may be a turnoff for some individuals. For example, if you have a strong belief system or come from a particular cultural background, these are interesting aspects of yourself to share online because they give others something to talk about with you. Just remember not everyone shares similar beliefs and backgrounds so being too self-centered with your profile may come off as rude.

Write About Your Ideal Partner

If you’re currently defining your ideal partner based on external characteristics, such as physical attraction or financial status, this can reflect poorly on you. When you write about what appeals to you most in a partner, it’s important to stress your emotional needs and not just the qualities that will impress someone who is already out of your league. Showing potential matches how thoughtful and considerate you are will encourage them to see more attractive aspects of yourself than they may have seen before.

Be Honest Online

Don’t give false expectations by claiming to be an expert skier if there is no snow near where you live. People should discover these things about you after they have formed a connection with you. This way, it’s more organic and doesn’t come off as trying too hard to get attention. This is true for even sugar baby profiles.

Don’t Reveal Everything About Yourself Right Away

If you feel like sharing personal experiences (e.g., past relationships), leave some of this information for later on in the conversation because revealing too much online can make individuals nervous or uncomfortable about meeting up with you. If someone is interested in exploring a potential relationship with you, these topics will eventually come up anyway if there’s chemistry between the two of you.


Remember, online dating is just like any other social setting so you must do your best to present yourself in the most positive light. While it’s good to be truthful about who you are and what you’re looking for, there’s no need to overshare right away. Just because someone has access to your profile doesn’t mean they deserve it all at once.

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