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Why advertise with us? We will help you to reach a premium, niche audience with high resources and best decision-makers.

You can now promote your brand & services on the most read online platform for news & features.

The urban Kenyan Platform has now been online continuously since April 2014. We focus on four broad categories; Government Processes, Finance and investment, Education, Tourism, Auto, and lastly Technology Sector. among other niches.

Advertise with Us: Our Audience Statistics

  1. Premium readers: 80% have university studies, 40% are top managers or investors.
  2. Engaged audience: spend over 1 minute on our site; a third read us daily.
  3. International audience: About one-third of our readers are based outside Kenya.
  4. Ad engagement: Half of our readers notice ads and the other third click on them to generate leads accepts sponsored posts and brand ambassador partnerships.

To contact us regarding advertising: Please email: [email protected]

ADS TYPES we Offer on Urbankenyan and Costs

There are several ways in which you can advertise your business on Urban Kenyans – all of which will include a direct link through to your web site, our standard advertising rates and styles are listed below.

Advertising Formats

Banner Ads

These are strategically placed standard web Ads starting from 160×600, 320×100, 300×250, and 728×90.

In case you need a different alternative to an advertisement, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Text Link Ads – USD 80

A text link to your web site which includes a brief description of your products or services to a maximum of 75 words. Displayed on the Partners page.

Video Ads

Do you have ready-made video Ads about your business, products or services? We know how best to use video ads. Let’s talk!

Other Forms of Ads that we Offer

Sponsored Posts

You can provide content, and we publish it to our readers, we also write content and include a link to your website.

Rate – USD 100 Per Article

Banner Rates

All advertising is for a set rate per month, paid in advance, the rate calculated by us based on the expected number of impressions using historical data.

The price is determined using the very reasonable KES 1000 per thousand impressions (lower for site-wide advertising).

The rate is negotiable, and variable based on the ad size, what pages you wish to advertise on and for how long. There is no pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Please provide the following information so we can give you a quote.

  • ad size
  • preferred ad placement on a page
  • pages you wish to advertise on (all of the site, or specific sections/pages)
  • for how long (at least one month)

Size and Positions Available

  • 300×250 or 336×280 px Ad – within the text, or on the right panel (or below the content on mobile devices)
  • 728×90 or 468×60 px – at the footer of the page
  • 120×240 px – within the right-side panel, or lower on mobile devices
  • Other – please ask

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