Affiliate Marketing explained: How to Promote Affiliate Products

It is well known that affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money with a blog. Affiliate programs generally use the CPA system (cost per action). With this system, you receive a commission for each referral you recommend if only they perform a certain action like buying a product or register on a site. Based on the CPA system, this article will present 10 strategies to make money with affiliate programs by recommending products.

Before you start on a single affiliate marketing strategy, you need to analyze the product or service you want to promote, do research and if possible use the product yourself. Know perfectly the advantages and disadvantages.

Also, ask yourself the type of audience the product is intended for and who will be susceptible to buy it. I have made a post on How to choose good affiliate programs read it too.

How to Promote Affiliate Products


1. Write a Review

One of the most powerful strategies to make money through affiliate products is by writing a review on the product you are promoting. Customers are more willing to buy something based on people’s opinions on products. People are increasingly looking for comments and opinions on the Internet from those who have experience. If you create a publication that presents the strengths and weaknesses of the product, a large number of buyers will consider your review.

2. Make comparisons

Build comparison articles that compare your product and other similar products. Bring out the advantages and disadvantages of your product, and show your visitors why the product you are promoting is better than the other is.

3. Create a landing page

When writing about a product you want to promote, it is advisable to create a page aimed specifically for the product itself containing all the necessary information. Thus, you can direct your visitors to this page from the articles about the product or a newsletter. By arriving on the landing page, visitors will find all the information, and a link to purchase the product. That is when you are going to make money via affiliate marketing.

4. Create YouTube Videos

You can create a video where you show the product you are promoting. You can explain why people need this product and how it will be useful in their daily lives. A video is more personal and more engaging than text.

5. Market the Product in Forums

Forums are a great way to market the products and to generate targeted traffic. Spread the news about your products on related forums. For example, this always works, find forums where people ask questions about the products you are promoting and suggest it them, give them an assurance and they will buy.

6. Promote on social networks

Create a page or group on Facebook and invite people who are interested in buying the product that you promote. On Twitter, follow potential buyers and give them all the information. Pinterest is a great way to spread the products, because it is a visual social network. Check out Pinterest and increase your profits.

7. Create a Free E-book

A free e-book about a Product dispels any doubts about the product and give your customers more confidence to make an informed decision.

8. Email Newsletters

Email marketing is a powerful tool in affiliate marketing. its essential for promoting products and many Internet products. Therefore, create a form on your site to collect emails from your visitors and keep them abreast of all the latest news about the products you promote. Add links to your landing page in these emails.

9. Use a banner

Despite the fact that the banners are one of the most effective ways to attract the attention of reader submissions, it is not suitable to be used lightly (you have to take into account everything that has been mentioned above). They are very effective when you use them in strategic places where the click-through rate is highest. Banners placed on the home page or directly below the article on the product are very effective.

10. Do not lose heart

Promoting a product and earning the trust of your customers so that they have the desire to buy from you is not easy. However, the important thing is not to lose heart and do not give up early! Work continuously to promote your product and the results will come gradually.

Conclusion on how to promote affiliate products

These are strategies on how to promote affiliate programs, make sure you go through How bloggers make money and learn the secrets the most influential bloggers use to make money online. You will also find this blog really useful and specifically this post on Smart Affiliate Marketing Strategies, check it out.

What strategies are you currently using to promote affiliate products? Leave your opinion in the comments, your opinions are welcome.

Bonus: Here is a great video tutorial online on how to promote Affiliate Products Successfully Without A Website. Enjoy!


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