Branch Loan App

Branch App is from an International is a micro-finance lending institution that uses a mobile application to make it easy for Kenyan citizens to access emergency loans anytime, anywhere through the Branch Loan App.

About Branch App

Branch loans are usually disbursed immediately through Mpesa with the minimum loan limit being Ksh 250 and can reach up to a maximum of Ksh 50,000 which comes at a cost. i.e Good credit history and loan repayment discipline

The loan repayment period ranges between 1 to 12 months charged at a flexible interest rate. The interest rate is usually dependent upon a customer’s credit score.

Advantages of Branch App Loans

  • Branch App loan products are designed to fit your needs
  • Branch loans do not have late penalties or rollover fees
  • A customer does not need a savings account to access use Branch loan app services
  • A good credit history with Branch qualifies you for larger loans with flexible terms.

So, How does the Branch Loan App determine your creditworthiness?

The Branch loan App uses machine learning algorithms which process thousands of data entries to assess your credit profile and create tailored loan products. Data is collect with permission by accessing information on your phone such as

  • SMS logs
  • Mpesa Logs
  • Handset Details
  • GPS Data
  • Call logs
  • Social Network Data
  • Contact lists


You can also increase your credit limit by following the instructions written in the previous post on how to increase your loan limit. I myself have applied those rules several times on different loan apps and they have worked for me 100%. You too can try.

Branch App Loan Application Requirements

Branch App only requires your active Facebook account details, mobile number, and a National ID card number after which it scans your phone for the data described above to determine your credit score and hence loan eligibility.

As stated later in this post, after you’ve downloaded and installed the Branch App. Branch will check the information provided by CRB Kenya. This process is done to know your credit score. To check your credit score kindly follow the steps highlighted in this article: How to check your CRB status in Kenya.

How to Apply for a loan on Branch Loan App

  • Visit the Google Play store on your Android smartphone and search for the Branch App.
  • Download and install the app on your phone
  • Open the app and sign in using your active Facebook account
  • Fill out the form provided and submit it for a quick review.
  • Wait for about an hour or two to apply for your loan

Branch App Referal Program

Did you know that you can earn money by simply referring your friends to join Branch? well, now you know. You will be able to earn Ksh 300 when your friends repay their first loan. Here is how to invite your friend to Branch.

  • Open your Branch App and tap on the three bars on the upper left corner to access the Main Menu
  • Your unique code is for the invite friends section. (If you can’t see this please update your app in the Google Play Store).
  • Send this code to your friends with a special message to invite them to Branch.
  • Your friends must apply your special code when they join and before they repay their first loan.
  • To redeem your bonus, simply ask for a loan from Branch 
  • Please let us hear about your Branch loan app experience in the comment section below. Why don’t you share this post if you like it? Before you go, I thought you might also want to read about where to get instant unsecured mobile loans in Kenya.


  1. Branch takes too long to upload. Its being uploading for the last six hours. Wondering whether it really works

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