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international adoption process

International Adoption Process: How foreigners can adopt a Kenyan Child

There are various situations that can lead to an international adoption process in Kenya. Among the most common is when the adoptive parents cannot...
Kenya Safari Holidays

Kenya Safari Holidays and Best places to visit

Welcome to Kenya Safari Holidays update. Kenya is the cradle of mankind and the mother of all safari adventures. Kenya is truly a blessed...

Mpesa Rates 2019: Full list of Safaricom Mpesa Charges

Mpesa Rates depend upon the amount being sent or withdrawn. You can use the Mpesa menu on your phone for services like:...
Acting career in Kenya

How can you start your acting career in Kenya?

Has it ever hit you that everything we watch besides News is staged? The acting industry is very vivid in our lives even when...

Top 10 Tips on How To Test-Drive Used Cars

Buyers know a useful test-drive is crucial in finding the best value in a used car. But few know how to perform an examination...