List of Coronavirus Testing Centers in Kenya

Here is a quick list of Coronavirus testing centers in Kenya. At one point or another, the government is going to open up the economy. And as you all know, GOK loves the tourist industry.

Therefore, given these points, it will be a requirement for one to undergo rigorous testing before opening their businesses. So, where can I get tested for Coronavirus in Kenya?

GOK is trying as hard as it can to make Corona testing in Kenya as cheap as possible and even free.

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But as you all know, there are greedy cartels within the government ready to take advantage of the venture and do business privately.

One more thing, unlike HIV testing which you have to test again after three months just to be sure. Coronavirus needs testing from time to time. As a matter of fact, you may test negative today only to turn positive after two days.

List of Coronavirus Testing Centers in Kenya.

I know many of you are asking; Where did the mass testing take place? This is after hearing the daily update on the telly, that GOK has contacted mass testing for Covid-19.

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Alright, let us jump straight away to the list of Coronavirus testing centers in Kenya. You can get tested for the virus in any one of the following ways.

  1. Privately in authorized private health centers.
  2. In a specific government hospital at a subsidized fee
  3. And lastly, free of charge by volunteering in Government mass testing exercise.

Private Covid-19 testing centers and their prices

  1. Aga Khan University Hospital – Ksh 10,000 – Ksh 14,000
  2. The Nairobi Hospital

List of Government Coronavirus testing center

  1. Kenyatta Nationa Hospital.
  2. Mbagathi hospital
  3. Namanga border testing facility
  4. Coast General hospital
  5. Busia and Malava boarder
  6. Voluntary mobile testing tents in selected regions

Before we jump right away into the list, here are somethings that you should know about.

How is Covid-19 tested?

Coronavirus can only be tested via government labs and approved healthcare providers. There are two ways to test for the virus: Viral test and Antibody test. The first test which is common is used to check for current infection.

The antibody test is used to check if you had a past infection. It is a known fact that most people are asymptomatic to Covid-19. This can either mean one thing, a person may have the virus without showing any symptoms or sickness from it.

Coronavirus is tested by a medical technique known as a nasopharyngeal swab. Here a special six-inch cotton swab is put inside.

The cotton swab is then moved around like the way you sweep for cobwebs. The process doesn’t hurt as it looks. The swab is then sent to the laboratory for tests.

How long does it take to test for Coronavirus?

It takes 15 seconds for the specimen to be collected from your nose. It then takes 24hrs to get your test results which is private and confidential just like HIV.


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