Criteria to choose the Next Big Cryptocurrency

Investors are always on the way to know about the best cryptocurrencies whenever introduced in the market. Their main objective is to collect basic information like upcoming crypto’s usability, credibility, future aspects, demand and, supply, etc. But it’s been difficult to decide which bitcoin leader crypto space should be chosen for trading purposes and which of them would be beneficial for long-term investment. However, there are some key highlights which make it easy to choose a favourable cryptocurrency keeping in view the future aspects of that. The key factors that should be kept in mind for choosing the best cryptocurrencies are:


To understand the project and its ongoing performance for present and future purposes and business point of view can be read out through the whitepaper of that cryptocurrency. The plans and investment criteria along with investment planning and its objectives are the front-line features of the cryptocurrency which were introduced on the whitepaper of that particular crypto. Moreover, it would be better to avoid those projects whose whitepaper does not exist.


When it is not clear what would be the next big cryptocurrency, always prepare a research team for that particular project to provide valuable information what’s the processing plan of that project. If the project prepared by the team has a history of a successful launch, then it’s the probability of growth will be highest. On the contrary, if the project created by the investors is on the lower side for its track record then it would not be worth investing in that project.

Innovative Technology

No doubt that cryptocurrency is the first ever and foremost technology therefore the project of cryptocurrency which improves and innovate is very helpful for maintaining the audiences at a large scale and the number of dedicated users which is constantly increasing day by day. Hence the technology offered by the projects and its research study will determine whether the crypto will be the next big crypto coin or not. It would be a crucial decision.


Tokenomics play a significant role to help out the growth of the project. The fixed supply of the cryptocurrency and its mechanics are worthy for deciding the trend of the crypto and helping for positive growth of the project. One more thing should be kept in mind before deciding on the growth of the project i.e. it’s token distribution efficiency it is also important to note down that the creator should not own a large amount of the supply.

How to Buy the Next Big Crypto

The following steps should be followed to buy the next big crypto:

Step 1: it is mandatory to generate a crypto wallet before purchasing any D2T coins to store the cryptocurrency. One of the best crypto wallets is Metamask for desktop users. On the other hand, the wallet is possible on mobile and is a trustee d wallet whose performance is considered to be superior to others.

Metamask Site

Step 2: Purchase USDT or ETH. These projects are ERC-based cryptos. This is the reason why one of them has to purchase tokens during the condition of the presale. Most brokers save the stock of the crypto to increase its price value but Ethereum is based on fiat currency which is directly related to the Dash2 Trade website due to its transit integration. It is necessary to account for the gas fee while the process is going on.


Step 3: Now you have to Link the Wallet and Buy D2T Tokens. Now after purchase oh the tokens connect them with the D2T website and then connect them with the crypto wallet. After that step clock on the ‘Buy With’ button then a purchase menu list will be opened. There you have to decide how many tokens should be purchased and after that its transaction history will be authenticated.

Buy D2T

Step 4: now it is ready to Claim D2T Tokens. If the Dash 2 Trade presale has concluded, the investors can claim their tokens from the website.

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