CS Mutahi Kagwe Hailed “competent deputy” by American newspaper

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The Cabinet Secretary (CS) for health Mr. Mutahi Kagwe has been praised for his calmness in news delivery during the COVID-19 crisis in Kenya. Likely an unforeseen political hero in previous times.

Following a publication by the Wallstreet Journal, a New York-based publication over the weekend, CS kagwe has been recognized among competent deputies in the fight against COVID-19.

The deputies include South Koreans Jung Eun-Kyeong the head of South Korea’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Jenny Harris, deputy chief medical officer in the UK among other leaders. The deputies have been summed up as leaders who have distinguished themselves under pressure. On normal occasions they are rarely the bold, charismatic, impulsive, self regarding, politically circulating alphas we have elected. Further adding that these are the heroes we need.

Kenya recorded the first Coronavirus case on March 13th and since then CS Kagwe has been the unsung hero. Calm even in a crisis. In most cases leaders not only people panic in a crisis he has maintained his calm.

Politically, CS kagwe is seen as a technocrat who is too ordinary and emotionally distant. But in the Coronavirus pandemic, his traits have become assets.

“Mr. Kagwe projects calm, emphasizes evidence and urges Kenyans to face facts, a style one senator described as ‘a breath of fresh air,” the publication stated

Without this crisis at hand, a  good number of Kenyan’s could hardly recognize him. CS Kagwe has been at the forefront of shielding Kenyan’s from receiving misinformation. While also urging the youth to step up in the fight as they are the most vulnerable.

Also, he had his hands on giving COVID-19 measures and directives to the public while constantly urging everyone to adhere to them in keeping the pandemic at bay.



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