Earn Commission On Branch Loan App

Hand up if you want free money. I ones read somewhere that earning money is a game and so you, my friends have to understand the money game. Take advantage of every opportunity that falls in front of you. I will make this easy for you because you have been a good friend of ours. Good, let’s get started. I am talking about how to earn Commission on Branch Loan App by referring people to take loans from the app. It is as simple as inviting friends in exchange for Ksh 500 for every friend that takes a loan and repays it.

Earn Commission On Branch Loan App

How easy does it get guys? We all need money and at one point we take small loans from mobile loan apps. However, Branch is a Mobile loan app with a difference. They appreciate the trust you have with them to the point of rewarding you commissions for any referral made. When they started giving commissions, they would pay 300 per referral but the figure has been since increased to Ksh 500 per referral.

About Branch Loan App

Branch is among the top three loan apps in Kenya namely Tala, Branch and Saida loan apps. In a quest to remain at the top and beat competition, Brach launched the referral program to capture as many customers. One thing for sure is that their strategy has worked wonders.  If you have never used the Branch loan app, check out our review of the app and hopefully borrow a loan with them.

If you want to make money by referring friends, here are the steps you should follow to earn your free money. (I call it free because honestly, you don’t break a sweat). There are several ways of inviting friends to use Branch. That could be through word of mouth, SMS, Social Media and other Internet platforms.

Earn Commission On Branch Loan App

How to invite friends on social media

  • Tap on the three bars on the upper left hand corner of the app
  • Select ‘invite friends’ (your code will show)
  • Tap ‘invite friends’ at the bottom centre
  • Select the messaging or social media app to invite friends from.
  • Your friends will finally receive your invitation message for their action.

How to earn commission on branch loan app

Educate you friends about the following points

  • Your friends should enter your promotion code in the branch app under the ‘promotions’ tab
  • You will receive a message when your invited friends apply your promotion code
  • You will receive ksh500 every time a friend repays their first loan

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