A Look into Educational Trends of the Future

We live in the current world but have our eyes on the future. What the future holds nobody knows but we can only imagine how it would be. A clearer prediction of the future needs to be supported by facts and evidence based on the present trends. That is why The Open University, a British academic institution providing online training since 2012 published an annual report on forms of innovative pedagogy.

The Univesity recently published its annual report in 2014, “Innovating Pedagogy 2014: Exploring new forms of teaching, learning, and assessment, to guide educators and policymakers. ” This report, produced by members of the Institute of Educational Technology, clearly identifies 10 educational trends that may develop in the coming years.

To make this report possible, the authors made a theoretical review of the terms and most common paradigms in the field of education. They had them subsequently regrouped and were associated with practical and educational technologies.

In light of the results, here are the 10 promising innovative pedagogical approaches identified by the authors of this report:

Educational Trends of the Future

  • Massive Open Social Learning Inspired by Social Media
  • Instructional design based on data analysis (“Informed by design learning analytics”)
  • Reversed class (“flipped classroom”)
  • Pedagogy inviting learners to bring and use their own technological devices in class like computers and such (“bring your own devices pedagogy”)
  • Learning to learn
  • Dynamic Evaluation (“dynamic assessment”)
  • The Learning Event (“Event-Based Learning”)
  • Learning through storytelling
  • Key Concepts (“Threshold concepts”)
  • Construction (“DIY (Do it Yourself / Bricolage”)

To learn more about these practices, see the report, which defines each of these approaches and speculates on their impact (high, medium, etc.) and in the projected deployment period (by 2 to 5 years, by 1 year, etc.).

This is the spirit that drives Smart Kenyan Academy to open up education to the masses and we are guided by the above pedagogical approaches that guide Educational Trends of the Future.

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