For a mechanic, tools are an investment to perform quality jobs. Of course, a professional mechanic needs a lot of tools. And they need to be tools that they can depend on. Tools that won’t break or fail in the middle of a job.

Between tools and a roll around tool box, it’s not unusual for a mechanic to sink 500K in a comprehensive set. Most technicians prefer tools from makers like Snap-On, Matco, or Blackhawk due to their design, close tolerances, and quality of material used. Here’s a rundown of tools that are really worth the investment:

Cordless impact wrench

A rechargeable cordless impact wrench can’t deliver the kind of torque that a pneumatic model can, but they’re certainly useful – after all, a compressor or air tank and hose aren’t always available. This cordless impact wrench features a Li-Ion battery and LED light, and only weighs only 3.5 kgs. With 750 lb-ft of torque on hand, this tool has enough oomph to break loose all kinds of bolts, even axle shaft nuts.

Proto sealed head air ratchet

There are all kinds of air ratchets around, but they’re definitely a get-what-you-pay-for proposition. Proto’s model is lightweight and compact enough to get into tight clearances, with an easy-release socket mechanism and an ergonomically-designed trigger. Put the socket on the nut or bolt in question, squeeze the trigger and save yourself a lot of time and sweat.

Mac Tools Spinflex flex head ratchet,

Mac Tools’ flex-head ratchet helps you get into tight spots. It has a comfortable plastic handle that helps you deliver more torque. It easily slides down to convert to a speed handle.

Craftsman 17-piece standard & metric flex socket set

Sometimes you just have to get into impossible places without disassembling other things. That’s where a flex socket set comes in. Craftsman’s set is nickel-chrome plated with a thick wall, and precision machined for a positive grip on any nut or bolt you’re going after.

Gear Wrench 81229 3-piece offset-handle ratchet

Save your knuckles with a bent-handle ratchet that’s still long enough to give you some real leverage under the hood. Gear Wrench’s flex ratchet set comes with two deep-well spark plug sockets and built-in flex extensions.

Trolley jack with Jack Stand and Creeper

When you’re under a vehicle, nothing’s more important than your safety. A quality floor jack and good jack stands are an absolute must. The set includes a comfortable creeper to get you around while you’re under there. A jack cross member is also a good idea, a cradle to give you two separate points of support under the vehicle while lifting or lowering. Cross members can be used on practically any jack which has a removable saddle and can lift the entire side, front or rear of a vehicle without undercarriage damage.

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