The Factors that can dictate your Car Insurance Quotes

At some point in our lives, most of us will need to go through the process of finding insurance for our vehicles – it is a legal requirement after all. Some of the time, though, many of us can also be guilty of merely searching for a policy, without really taking into consideration what exactly is informing the quote we then receive.

There are quite several factors that dictate the amount you have to pay to insure your vehicle. So, to help make this situation a little clearer for you, in this post, you’ll find a breakdown of a few of these factors which you can then work with to potentially bring your costs down.

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Driving history

This is one of the major factors; in simple terms, the less uneventful your driving history is, the lower the costs will be. This implies that if you don’t have any crashes and you don’t have any stamps on your license for speeding or dangerous driving.

Subsequent ‘No Claims’

Carrying on the from the above points, the longer you can go with a clean driving record the most years of ‘no claims’ you can increase. Again, the more the clean record you have, the better.

Your status

Although it sounds strange to say, you also determine the cost. In other words, your age, gender, and where you live can have a significant bearing. The unfortunate news is the younger you are, the higher the premiums will probably be, equally some areas of the country are considered riskier for driving and owning a car which also adds up.

The car itself

The car you have is also an important aspect. The newer the vehicle, the more reliable it will be. Even in some cases insurance companies in Kenya will offer discounts for cover on smaller-engine cars.

The deals available

Individual insurers will also tailor their policies to suit individual driving needs, for example, business use. If they don’t though, and you want a specific type of cover, it may mean paying more.

With all this in mind, you should be able to get a better idea of how your next car insurance policy is calculated. As a final tip, you shouldn’t just look for any old company, do some further research and consider the established companies that specialize in different policies for different circumstances.

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