Five Tips to Reduce Anxiety & Stress during Distance Learning

There is no doubt that the current pandemic has changed all our lives in one way or the other. To begin with, everything came to a stop back when it began and we were all forced to self-isolate and stay indoors.

Apart from taking a toll on health throughout the world, COVID-19 also resulted in the world’s highest rates of frustration. Medical surveys throughout the world show that a heightened level of anxiety and stress was the new norm across the globe.

Just like the other economic sectors, education wasn’t spared either. The pandemic resulted in school closure in every continent. To help cope with the situation, schooling had no other option but to go virtual.

Yes, distance learning was the only preferred way to help keep teachers, students, and parents safe during this hard time. However, this innovative solution is proven to have its own frustrations.

I mean, multitasking parents are pressured to ensure that their kids attend online classes, students are having a hard time coping up with the new e-classes, and teachers aren’t able to give one-on-one attention to each student.

As social creatures, we are all having a hard time limiting our interactions with friends and loved ones. Apart from using for instant personalized help with any of your assignments, here are some quick tips to help you reduce anxiety and stress during distance learning.

Create a routine

Making a routine is proven to be one of the most efficient ways to keep you on track. To help reduce the anxiety and stress related to online learning, it would be best if you set a working routine for your child. Just remember to involve them during creation so that they are self-aware of the routine from the beginning, and don’t forget to let them know the importance of following it to the latter. The good thing about setting up a routine is that it will help rewire your child’s mind and help bring a sense of normalcy again. For improved concentration, ensure that you all follow the set routine for the first 21 days repeatedly.

Go for school shopping as usual

One of the main reasons why most of the students are stressed about this new form of learning is that the usual schooling traditions have been interrupted. Therefore, continuing with your usual school traditions would greatly help to reduce anxiety and keep your kid(s) mind aligned to learning. So, take your child out and shop for bag packs, stationaries, uniforms, and any other school items. This will psychologically prepare them for learning.

Ask for help

In case you are unable to manage this kind of anxiety and stress on your own, it’s imperative that you get help. So, simply call and talk with the class teacher or any of the guidance counselors from school. These little chats go a great way in revamping your mood and provide adequate emotional support to overcome this challenge.

Eat healthily

Ensuring that you’re eating a balanced diet ensures that your body functions properly. Avoiding fatty and sugary foods helps to increase concentration levels, meaning that both you and your child won’t be stressed any more about focusing during online classes.

Exercise during breaks

Just like the traditional schooling system, distance learning also has scheduled breaks between classes. To help reduce anxiety build-up, get off your seat and stretch your body. A simple walk around the house is a good start.


As we slowly resume back to normal schooling, distance learning will continue being the best learning option. Apart from keeping you safe during the looming pandemic, this method gives you lots of flexibility in your daily schedules. Use any of the above-discussed tips to reduce anxiety and stress during distance learning.

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