GOTV Customer Care contacts: Phone number for Errors E16, E-017


This Article provides information on how to contact GOTV customer Care in Kenya. The digital migration brought a fair share of improvement in television entertainment. It, however, came with its unique challenges and a cost. GOTV is one of the most renowned set-top boxes among household in Kenya. Their decoders are some of the best and most reliable when it comes to network reception and an array of entertainment channels.

Even so, GOTV customer Care has one of the poorest PR strategies I have seen. They will literally take hours if not days to respond to any of their customer concerns and problems.  Gadgets are prone to mechanical breakdown and down times.

GOTV Customer care

The GOTV decoders particularly may run into some errors that result in the failure of the decoder. The most common errors that affect GOTV decoders are E-017 and E16. GOTV has gone an extra mile to provide solutions to these two problems on Facebook.

For some reason though, the solutions seem not to work for some people. In case the solutions do not work, this is where you call in personal help from GOTV asking their technicians to guide you through the process.

If you are looking to contact GOTV customer Care, there are various ways you could reach them.

The first option is through their mobile numbers. Try calling:

  • 0711 066 000
  • 020 423 6000
  • 0711 066 555

Visit the GOTV customer care social media accounts namely

  • Twitter: @GOtvKenya
  • Facebook: GOtvKenya

The final option is to deliver the decoder in one of the GOTV customer Care centers spread across the country.

Mostly, GOTV centers are found in electronic stores that sell TV and decoders like supermarkets. You can also find them in makeshift tents across several towns in the country.

It should be noted that GOTV is well represented in all the 47 counties in Kenya. Customers from any country can use the detail provided in this article to contact GOTV customer Care in case of any problem with their decoders.



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