The Kenya Higher Educations Board is mandated with providing loans to Kenyans in Higher Institutions of Learning. I will take you through the process of applying for a HELB loan in this article.

Whether you are a first-time applicant or a routine beneficiary of HELB, we are going to show you how to effectively apply and get the loan easily. Sometimes Students go through tedious processes to have the loan processed while the online process is as easy as pie.

When applying for a Loan from HELB, it is important to keep in mind that you require certain documents and information for the purpose of confirmation and identification. It is also important to note that the maximum amount you will get is 60,000 or a minimum of 35,000 depending on various parameters set by HELB.

HELB Loan Application Requirements

HELB application is done through downloading the form from The HELB Online Portal. The student is then expected to fill the form and submit it to the HELB offices near them. HELB is headquartered at Anniversary Towers in Nairobi.

Now that you have downloaded the form and are set to apply for the HELB loan, take note of these documents.


  1. Bank Account (Preferably Equity Bank)
  2. National ID card
  3. A KRA PIN (How to apply for a KRA pin)
  4. Parents Details
  5. Photocopy of Your Identification Card
  6. Email address
  7. Include Details of three people who will be the guarantors. They should be employed (A copy of their IDs are required)

How to apply Helb Loan for the first time

  1. Visit the official HELB portal
  2. You will have to sign up with an email address that is correct
  3. Click on the Tab Indicated create account to create your HELB account
  1. If you are a first-time applicant, click on First Time Undergraduate Loan Application.
  2. All the categories in the form need to be filled faithfully and accurately else you may not qualify for the loan.
  3. Make sure you have all your personal details, education, university, parents, family expenses, guarantors, and Bank details before filling the form
  4. After you have completed filling your form accurately go to the homepage.
  5. Confirm that you have filled your form correctly
  6. After confirming that you have filled your form correctly go to home page and then click the icon indicated “Print form” to print your HELB Form.
  7. Ensure that the form is Signed.  Then drop it at HELB offices

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