How Do Bitcoins Perform In The US & UK? All You Need To Know

From no monetary value back in 2009 to over $30,000 today in 2022, bitcoin has gained a massive success now and is expected to gain more in the future. Irrespective of some fluctuation points:, it is always stepping up on the statistical graph. Bitcoin gained its first-time high valuation of $58,700 in March 2021 but could not hold that. In October 2021 it reached the highest point of over $61,000.

However, it was a turning point for bitcoin. After October bitcoin could not recover the fluctuation completely but it is at a pretty stable point right now. Though, in predictors’ opinion, the supply-demand strategy of bitcoin will take it on an uphill journey in the future. Bitcoin’s price could reach over $1 million by 2030. But again, this is just a prediction.

In the early 21st century, the global financial crisis started from the economic institutional crisis in the US. Predatory lending, high risk-taking by financial institutions, United States housing bubble were the unethical circumstances that started changing the global economy. But, on 15 September 2008, it broke its limit by the bankruptcy of the Lehman brothers.

In this context of crisis, bitcoin wanted to make a completely different payment network that can address the loopholes of the traditional banking system and the trust of people to run it. In 2009, a person named Satoshi Nakamoto showed up in the financial investment markets with Bitcoins. In the beginning, some people were skeptical about it but, others accept it as a hope to recover from the financial crisis scenario.

Bitcoins In USA: A Brief Overview

Cryptocurrency as well as bitcoin is not regulated by any governing body. This is quite the same in the US and UK. Bitcoin is quite popular in the US and UK. A large number of US citizens have heard about it. Every nine out of ten people know something about cryptocurrency. According to studies, the US holds a quarter of the total trading volume of bitcoin in the world. Bitcoin trading in the US has increased in recent years and more investors are entering this field now.

You can use bitcoin in the US in many ways that can possible. When it comes to talking about the use of Bitcoins, buying goods and services online or offline has become quite easier. Trading bitcoin is quite easy in the US. Being a first-world country, the US has all the facilities that can make trading easy. Bitcoin is legal in the US now, so anyone can buy it. You just have to open a trading account in any bitcoin exchange, fund the account with the dollar and buy bitcoin. Whenever planning to trade in Bitcoins, Bitcoin Era should be your no 1 choice as it is a highly reliable crypto trading platform.

Bitcoins In UK: A Brief Overview

The scenario is quite the same in the UK. Bitcoin is ruling the financial investment markets in the UK. Bitcoin is legal and in 2020 about 2 million people holds cryptocurrencies there. In 2021, nearly 9.8 million Britons hold cryptocurrency.

The crypto market in the UK is dominated by bitcoin with 60% holding. According to the data from Coinbase app over 100,000 people daily use the exchange platform. You would be surprised to know thereare around 81 crypto ATMs to use in the UK to make it easy and convenient for Bitcoin users. Bitcoin is widely used in the UK just like in the US. You can buy things or invest in them. Almost 500 companies accept crypto payments from their customers in the UK.

Final Words

Bitcoin currently is in a downfall for the past two months. In March 2022 its value was $47,000. As of today, 10th May 2022 the value dropped to $30,200. In the UK it is 30,500 pounds. This is not a good scenario for bitcoin so many investors. If the price of bitcoin keeps decreasing the whole landscape of the financial market will change. Companies will redefine their strategies. Though, the bitcoins price depends broadly on its limited supply. So, predictors are hoping that the scenario will change in the near future

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