How Global ties might better Horticultural Farming in Kenya


By now the 2018 Shanghai International Expo is less than two weeks to start and experts are counting potential gains that will be secured for horticultural farming in Kenya.

This is because  State House Nairobi will be sending a delegation of farming stakeholders to the  1st Shanghai International Expo.

The purpose of the delegates will be to deliberate on ways of improving horticultural farming in Kenya.

This Expo, which is scheduled to take place from 5th to 10th November 2018  will bring together diverse experts from across the globe to deliberate on the way forward, exchange experiences and ideas as well as form networks that will improve this venture.

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Horticultural Farming in Kenya

Potential Areas that Kenya might borrow from the Chinese Flower Industry

So, China’s horticultural value was placed at  11 billion dollars in 2015. This same industry employs more than 800,000 people directly. And  3.5 million people indirectly.

Yet if you look back in the 80’s the  Chinese horticultural industry was not taken seriously as a business venture.

Many Chinese farmers would plant flowers as part of cultural fulfillment. But after signing the International Chamber of Commerce Agreement on Horticulture  Chinese farmers started handling flowers as a business crop.

Horticulture has since flourished and become an economic avenue to improve lives and boost the economy at large scale.

Therefore the presence of Kenya through her Delegation in China during the 1st Shanghai International Expo promises a lot of new approaches to horticulture farming that might be borrowed.

Some of the key areas of concern that the Kenyan Delegation might be keen to learn include :

Maximizing on the Middle Class to better horticultural farming in Kenya

How China has been able to tap into the middle class to embrace horticultural products: Apart from China being able to export flowers the country has been able to enjoy an in-country market base through her middle-class population.

Massive selling of flowers in the country is a market segment that Kenya has not been able to utilize. As a matter of fact, Horticulture farming in Kenya is primarily an export affair and not much is sold within the country.

This is because of the notion that horticultural benefits like having flowers every morning are an affluent thing.

The truth is that flowers are a cultural thing and affordable. The Kenyan Delegation has the task of understanding how the Chinese middle-class citizens embraced flowers.

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Improving the Geographical Landscape

Another secret that China has employed in supporting their betterment of horticulture farming has been evident in the Geographical landscape techniques that have been employed in China.

Public infrastructure like roads, school institutions, hospitals, and even roads have reserved spots for the strict planting of flowers.

These flower reserve leads the Chinese to have a further attraction to flowers. In the long run, more Chinese go and plant flowers in their backyards or gardens for decoration purposes.

This benefits the horticulture industry in China as more flowers have to be supplied to households who want to plant them in their garden.

The Kenyan delegation has a task to consult on how Kenya’s landscaping can better horticulture farming

Explore the different flower varieties that are unique

The Kenyan Delegation to the 1st Shanghai International Expo on Horticulture has the burden of ensuring that they consult on different flower varieties unique to China.

The Kenyan delegation should inquire on include flowers that grow for a shorter period and use little input during the process.

For Kenya to cement its global role in horticulture than flower growing must be efficient.

Deliberate on ways of selling flowers to Asian markets

Cementing market friendships with China will be a key determinant for the Kenyan delegation during the expo.

Developments from this Expo have the potential to see Kenya expand her horticultural markets to other Asian countries.

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Take away

The 1st Shanghai Expo is due to take place from 5th – 10th November 2018. This conference has massive opportunities for the Horticultural industry in Kenya.

The  Kenyan Delegation should learn techniques to improve the Kenyan flower market base in all angles.

Information on improved flower varieties that are efficient to grow should be sought by the Kenyan delegation.

Lastly, the Kenyan delegation should market the potential of the horticulture farming industry in Kenya to Global stakeholders to come and invest.

The 1st Shanghai Expo in Horticultural Farming does hold great opportunities for Kenyan horticultural Farming. It will all depend on the negotiation skills of the Kenyan Delegation.

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