How new rappers are making money in 2022

Rap has long been a popular form of music, but recent times have seen this popularity increase. With more artists entering the scene, there is a struggle to be heard unless there is something that really sets an artist apart. Of course, putting the work in to breakthrough is more than just a little worthwhile as the monetary rewards can be huge.

It was once a case that rappers, just like those in any other genre, relied upon sales of their songs and touring as their main source of income. This is something that has seen significant change as these artists have begun to diversify and create multiple streams of income. Let’s take a look at just what new rappers are doing now. 

A look at King Kaka

A prime example of what new artists are doing to make money can be found by looking at the Kenyan rapper, King Kaka. As well as a business partnership with Bitcasino, King Kaka has excelled in his money-making activities and set an example for what newcomers to the industry can achieve.

Of course, the music will forever matter, and it’s the music that gives you a platform in the first place. However, once you’re known, and as King Kaka has demonstrated, the earning potential is unlimited. 

YouTube earnings

Just like other artists, King Kaka has tapped into the massive potential that’s offered by YouTube. Having built up a huge following across social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, it made sense to try and monetize these followers.

His YouTube videos provide sheer entertainment for his fans. It is thanks to the ads that are displayed that King Kaka can earn significant sums all while entertaining his fans. Unlike going on a tour, YouTube videos can go on earning 24/7.


Another way that King Kaka adds to his income is by producing online articles. While many of his blog posts refer to his music empire, Kaka also uses this platform as a way of reaching out and educating people.

He shares personal life stories and shares how he has developed from the life lessons that have come his way. He also spends time writing about Kenyan citizens and educating them about their rights. 

Selling online

It’s fair to say that King Kaka is a savvy businessman, and he explores every possible income stream. While e-commerce is an area that has seen huge growth recently, Kaka has already been on the scene for a while and making a nice additional income.

You’ll find that he’s linked to selling clothing lines as well as products that come from his music production company. The diversity of what’s on offer means that his income is likely to be safe for years to come.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is big business and this is another area where Kaka has taken his slice of the pie. His wide reach means that he is the perfect person for companies to use to promote their products, all while he enjoys a share of the revenue.

A great example

Yes, there is still money to be made by touring and even by having songs streamed on Spotify. However, what King Kaka has shown is these are only the tip of the iceberg and that there is so much earning potential out there.

Up-and-coming artists would do well to follow Kaka’s example. His business sense, and diversification, mean that his income is protected for many years to come, even if his songs stop selling.

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