How to Create an e-book and Start Selling Online in Kenya

Today we’re going to take you through a step-by-step process on one of the most used tactics to start and run your online business. Join us and keep reading on to learn how to create an e-book to sell online on various platforms.

If you happen to be very creative, a good story teller/writer and your dreams are that one day you’ll write a book, then this is the right post for you, to help you build on what you already have.

An eBook is a book in digital format which can be read on electronic media devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and e-readers (digital readers, like Kindle) or tablets. You can also print them and read as a traditional book.

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An e-book is easy to sell and distribute online compared to the hard copy version of itself. This means that you have control selling and marketing it unlike the hard copy whose sales and marketing which is handled through a third party.

How to Create an E-book and start Selling Online in Kenya

Benefits of Creating an E-book and Selling it Online

I think by now you may have realized the importance of having to create and selling an ebook online compared to the traditional methods. Here are the reasons for doing so.

Create an e-bookPrice

There cost of producing an ebook, promoting, and distributing it online is low compared to that of a traditional book.

This allows the seller to either sell the e-book at a lower price thus selling more or to just keep the price and increase the production volume at zero cost.


Since your final product is in digital format, its online distribution is fast and efficient anywhere anytime. The buyer doesn’t need to go to a physical store or wait for the book to arrive after an online purchase. Delivery is immediate, right after payment approval, and the client can start using your book as soon as possible!

Low production costs

Your digital book has a low cost of production or no cost at all because the entire processes of production, distribution, and sale are done online. This is unlike the traditional book which incurs expenses such production material, storage and distribution costs


As mentioned earlier, there is a probability to make sales to a larger market regardless of time and date. The whole process of sales and delivery can be automated thus scaling your sales and profit. You can end up doing other things you love and still profit from your initial effort and investment

How to create an ebook Step -by – step

In order to successfully create an ebook and have it sold online, it’s best to follow some essential guidelines and steps. In each of the steps them, you’ll notice how the creation process is much simpler than you had earlier imagined. The steps are:

1. Choose the topic of the e-book

This is the basic and the most important steps of the creation process of any book, especially for those who wish to make money online from selling the material. Choose a topic that’s close to you and that you know well. Having a topic in which you’re an expert is key because you need to convey credibility to your reader.

It’s also very important to find to find a market niche (specific target of the market and product) that’s big enough to provide a satisfactory number of sales.

2. Organize and structure the chapters of the book

It’s time now to organize your book and classify it into chapters and subjects. In this section, decide which subjects will be the most important from the topic you’ve chosen. Draft them and organize them into chapters to create a meaning of your text.

It is also It’s important to justify your ideas. You can do this by carrying out a thorough research online into what has already been written and what’s new in the specific niche and the topic you want to discuss about.

Research which topic your client cares about and, from them decide your content. Use Keywords research tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, may be very useful to help with the selection of topics. They help you to understand your audience’s interests thus being able to organize your content more efficiently.

3. Illustrate your ebook with pictures and Diagrams

Pictures and illustrations are used to engage your readers and keep them reading, they are also used to make your ebook more interesting. To find images for your digital book you can either use images from your personal file, which will give you no problems with copyright issues. The second option in finding images is by using the image database which

The second option in finding images is by using the countless image databases available on the internet. Many are free and some attract a small fee in terms of support for their work. Some of the websites you can find good quality images include:

  • Free Digital Photos provides paid options for high-resolution images.
  • Shutterstock boasts a large volume of pictures with royalty-free usage and accessible prices.
  • Every Stock Photo gathers more than five million pictures from different image databases.
  • Public Domain Photos offers more than 5,000 pictures and 8,000 illustrations for free usage.

4. Choose the format of your ebook (PDF, Mobi or Epub)

The main difference between the two formats i.e Epub and PDF depends on their adaptability to the reader’s screen. An Epub ebook is responsive, which means that it has the capability to adapt the text and font size automatically according to the display area available.

However, the ones available on PDF will always have the same format of the print version, whichever the display area is.

Characteristic of Epub files

  • Ideal for simpler e-books, i.e without many images.
  • Allow resizing of texts and changing the font.
  • It’s possible to turn pages with a single touch
  • Has word search and insert detail capabilities

Characteristic of PDF files:

  • Allow zooming in or out of the page, for better content view
  • Has a Navigation bar which is used for page turning
  • They’re an exact copy of the print version
  • They’re ideal for more complex books in which there are a substantial number of images and the format is more complex.

5. Come up with a nice design and look – Cover Page

The format and layout of your e-book create a hell lot of a difference. Besides being well written, your book must have good finishing, this will make your work look more professional.

If you haven’t mastered formatting and editing tools, consider hiring a professional to perform this task. Regarding the costs of diagramming a paperback book, the costs of an ebook will be considerably lower.

A good presentation will exalt/praise the image of your book. You’ll find good freelance professionals in websites such as Upwork or freelancer

Great! Now you’ve finished creating your first ebook. Now, worry about editing the text. If necessary, hire an editor, to check for grammatical errors.

For your work to have credibility and positive repercussion, it is important that it is well-written, your ideas are understandable, and the grammar is right.

6. Register your work – Copyright

If your intention is writing an ebook and selling it, it’s important to register your work with the ISBN. An identification system that includes authorship information and makes your ebook safer regarding copyrights. Visit the official International ISBN website for more Information regarding copyright and registration

7. Choose a distribution platform

Once your e-book is complete, is time to decide:

  • Where to deliver your ebook after the sale?
  • How to receive online payments?
  • How to ensure your e-book’s online safety?

8. Promote your e-book

Set strategies to promote and spread your work.

Tips to promote your e-book

Social Media Sites – You can promote your work on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any other social networking site your persona uses.

Partnerships – Get in touch with websites that provide content similar to your ebook and offer articles for publication, also known as guest posts.

Blog – Start a blog on the same topic of your e-book to come up with a contacts list with people who are interested in the topic and use it to sell your book.

That is all you need to know on how to create an e-book and sell it online in Kenya. You can also read about online jobs in Kenya

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