How To Get Your Anxiety Under Control

We all get nervous thinking about one thing or another. Whether it is giving a presentation at work or preparing for a job interview, we all experience slight fear. But when these short nervous episodes become an ongoing problem, it is called anxiety.

Anxiety is a common mental health disorder with mainly two types: mild anxiety or clinical anxiety (General Anxiety Disorder). Severe anxiety includes episodes of excessive thinking and even panic attacks. Though the best treatment for anxiety is to seek therapy, not everyone can afford the costs and time. 

And this is why seeking natural ways to keep your anxiety under control is becoming more common. So, here are some of the best-recommended tips to deal with anxiety by healthcare experts.

Focus On The Present

Although events of the past or present contribute to anxiety, it is mainly the worry of the future. You overthink scenarios and start expecting the worst possible outcomes. And this negative spiral of thoughts leads to panic attacks and severe overthinking. 

You’ve heard it in movies, and you’ve read it in books, “stay in the moment.”

Instead of overthinking a future event, focus your energies on the present. Come up with something you can do right now to make things more favorable. If the thing you fear is something you can change, then that is what you should be doing instead. Similarly, if it is out of your hand, you can always ask for others’ help. 

Have A Neutral Perspective At Things

An important thing to keep in your stride is that you’re not the first one. And neither are you the only one going through these thoughts and panic attacks. There are many others like you, fighting their way through anxiety. 

During panic attacks, you have thoughts of death and severe fear. It is always helpful to remind yourself of the gravity of the situation. More often than not, it is your anxiety sensationalizing an event or emotion. 

At times like these, having a third person or a neutral perspective at things helps you snap out. 

Allow Yourself Some Room For Mistakes

It is funny how anxiety often leads to perfectionism. The two seem to be poles apart but are actually quite closely knit. 

You get anxious thinking about how something may go wrong. Even if you’ve given your absolute best to something, it still may not seem enough.  Reminding yourself that you, too, are human and everyone makes errors is how you rebuild self-confidence. 

There will be good that happens, and there will be bad. It is never one-sided. What’s the worst that could go wrong? You might even end up learning something from a letdown. So, be more welcoming to try, and don’t be bothered too much by mistakes. 

Find Out What Calms You Down

Thoughts are like noises. And sometimes, they get too loud to remain sane. But having something to snap you out of the noise and calm you down is very helpful.

There are many activities people calm themselves with. For some, it is a fidget spinner, while for others, it may be taking deep breaths. You just have to find out what works best for you. 

The key to getting your anxiety under control is to know when you’re nearing a panic attack. Have some red signals set for yourself like heavy breathing or sweating will give you a heads-up. And as soon you notice yourself breathing heavily or sweating, resort to your calming ritual

It distracts your mind instantly, and in a matter of a few seconds, you’re back to normal!

Practice Good Posture

Anxiety shatters your self-belief and confidence. And the most prominent effect of this comes out in your posture. Subconsciously, you develop a hunching posture. Because psychologically, you’re protecting yourself to be safe. 

An excellent way to reverse this effect is by practicing good posture. You can start working out, get yourself a posture belt, anything that helps you sit and stand straight up. 

By doing so, you let your body be back in control. Sitting straight with your chest out, arms by the sides, and feet wide open helps you eliminate the ongoing fear in your mind. 

Use Herbal Remedies

As attractive as treating your anxiety naturally sounds, it is not that easy to get the hang of. And that is why to aid yourself, you can always use various herbal remedies to calm your mind. 

Some of the best herbs to get your anxiety under control are red maeng da kratom from, chamomile, cinnamon, and clove. You can brew these with a cup of tea at night or add them to your meals as a flavoring. The best part about using herbs is that they come free of side effects, unlike prescription anti-anxiety drugs. 

Get A Move On

There really is nothing that can’t be fixed with a bit of exercise. As beneficial working out is for your physical health, it has its impact on your mental health as well. 

You burn calories, and along with it, stress hormones in your body when working out. And even more, your brain secretes more endorphins and serotonin into your body after a workout. This is why nothing feels as good as a completed workout. 

However, exercise improves your health and body. And with a body that you feel confident of, you’ll cut away a significant source of anxiety from your life. 

Get Adequate Rest

The best care you can give to your mind and body is to ensure proper rest. Every day, your body and mind need a reboot to recover their strength. And without proper designated rest, you don’t allow for that to happen. As a result, you’re even more depleted the next day and vulnerable to anxious thoughts. 

Experts recommend a minimum of seven hours of sleep every day for adults. But you can make it even better by avoiding naps during the day and completing your sleep in one go during the night. 

Take Some Time Off

Sometimes, despite your tiring efforts, getting your anxiety under control becomes a daunting task. And this is when you really need to take a break from work and everything around. 

Communicate your situation to your employer and ask for a week off. And use it for a vacation to fresh your mind up. When you leave all the worries behind and are solely giving your mind some time to freshen up, it significantly reduces your anxiety. 

Moreover, you can plan frequent time-outs or weekend trips to a nearby town instead of long vacations. 

Socialize More Often

One of the very first victims of your anxiety is your social life. As your condition worsens, you start withdrawing from your circles and isolate yourself. This is a dangerous way to cope with your anxiety and makes things even worse.

The best way to fight anxiety is by reversing this effect. By going out more often and socializing, you don’t let your social anxiety build up. Also, having a face-to-face conversation with a friend can be mildly therapeutic. 

And who doesn’t like going to a bar? Having a few drinks to down over the weekends and unwind to a friendly ear doesn’t let you bottle your feelings up.

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