How to Make an Accurate Sports Prediction?

The sports betting industry is controversial. Some gamblers access the sportsbook to place a small bet on their favorite football team, just to add a spark to the sports experience. Others work hard to find the best sports predictions, create strategies, try different betting techniques and make money overall. The first and second groups are the same bettors, but they have different goals. In the following short article, we’ll talk about the second group of bettors who want to find the best guides on how to make sports predictions and increase their winning rates. However, you should keep in mind that these tips are not guaranteed winnings. They will only help you to avoid stupid mistakes that most beginners make in the beginning. 

Key Elements of the Basic Predictions 

The following is a list of great tips to make your betting more efficient. These recommendations are suitable for anyone who is just beginning their betting journey and wants to make the leap from a total novice to a seasoned bettor with a bag of useful prediction tools. More useful betting tips you will find on, a betting portal with a great reputation.

What do we recommend when trying to place a bet correctly?

  • Analysis of the chosen sport from top to bottom. The difference between a beginner and an experienced bettor is the work done before placing a bet. Analyzing the sport is one of the most important steps of any sports betting. It’s necessary to know the rules of the sport, available betting markets, types of bets suitable for this or that sport, how the odds are formed, which teams are leading and what the underdogs are. 
  • Learn more about your opponents. It’s not always enough to know who’s playing. It’s important to study past head-to-head matchups, statistics, and scoreboards. Check the state of the team during the season. 
  • Monitor the news. It is very important to know what is happening in the industry. Imagine that the top scorer and another important player of the selected team gets injured. If you hadn’t monitored the news, you would have missed it and most likely lost the bet. Also, news and social media show the conditions of individual players and teams in general.
  • Consider the location of the game. As everyone knows, it is much more comfortable to play at home in the local stadium or court. The team and the players get used to the place, they don’t have to move anywhere, and the team feels most comfortable at home. While the away team has to travel, they are tired, and the time zone may be different. Such unpleasant conditions can affect the outcome of the game.
  • Try various types and markets. Having to bet only on the result-based markets is not always the best idea. In general, there are numerous markets that make it easier to predict the outcomes, such as over/under, the first team to score, or both teams to score, where you guess the more obvious events. Make sure to try all of them several times and decide which of them is making your prediction easier.
  • Stay away from emotions. Many aspects of life make us emotional. Betting is no exception. But when emotions take over, we lose the ability to think wisely. Therefore, try to avoid rash bets and quick decisions. Make your first bet with a clear mind, taking into account all the factors mentioned above. 
  • Stay away from accumulators. Accumulator is a bad joke for many people. It is a type of bet where you can select several matches and add them to a chain. The chain cannot be broken. If any of the games in the accumulator lose, you lose the entire bet. In other words, all the other games will burn out, and you will lose your stake. Although the payouts of an accumulator bet are extremely high, the risk is not worth it. It’s better to place them separately. 

Football Predictions 

If you decide to try your luck on football, you should consider the following factors: goals, shot conversion rate, team value, corner kicks, and possession. These variables are important when deciding which team to bet on. It’s also important to consider the location of the match, the condition of the players, previous match results, weather conditions, team tactics, the importance of the match for the teams, social media, and news. 

  • Analyze the team’s skills. Make a note of the team’s successes and failures during the current season. Take a look at the team’s performance, evaluate the consistency of their wins, and how many games they have won and lost. 
  • Analyze head-to-head matches. It’s not only important to look at recent statistics but also how the team has played against each other. Head-to-head matches show the ability of one team to keep winning or the ability of the other team to keep losing. 
  • Consider style and tactics. Does your favorite team play more defensively or offensively, and what is the purpose of scoring as many goals as possible or defending and holding on for a draw? 
  • Be aware of injuries and lineup changes. Imagine losing a top striker in the middle of the season. This will not only lead to low morale in the team but also a low chance of winning. Some teams are highly dependent on certain players, and the chances will be low if some players can’t come to the game due to injury.
  • Try to use online predictions. This is not a must like the previous points, but still worth a try. Such services show the prediction according to the previous statistics. Basically, it does the work for you by taking into account the teams’ previous wins and losses, considering the head-to-head matches and showing the probabilities. You shouldn’t always trust the results it shows. But if your prediction matches the machine’s, you can easily make your decision.


Making predictions is not simple. But it can be easier if you do a lot of work, analyze the external and internal factors, and consider the team’s performance. Unfortunately, there’s no golden prediction technique that can guarantee you a win. But there are really helpful tips to improve your betting experience. Just choose trustworthy sportsbooks with licenses, bonuses, and favorable odds.

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