Is online poker becoming progressively more popular in Kenya?

The latest trend in Kenya: Online gambling 

With over 60% of the population on the African continent aged under 25, it is no surprise that online casinos and online sports betting sites are flourishing in Kenya.

Set to increase by a staggering 11.5% in the next six years, the iGaming industry has taken the world by storm, earning almost $127 billion in revenue. As more and more of the world’s population are becoming more familiar with mobile technology, we’re expecting to see a growth in the usage of online poker businesses and sports betting sites.

The internet is slowly making its way through Africa, resulting in many countries in the continent showing their support for the online gambling community. Online sports betting activities have increased, with several markets in Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria all showing an upturn in interest.

The popularity of online casinos in Kenya

Kenya is one of the first nations in Africa to legalize online gambling, paving the way for a slew of multinational operators to enter the country’s online casino business.

The popularity of online casinos has been growing slowly over the years and is now flourishing in Kenya, making it one of the biggest iGaming industries in Africa. This new development has done nothing but has a positive impact on the country’s economy. 

Slowly but surely, members of the Kenyan public have started to shift their attention to the online casinos rather than the in-person version as they are far safer and regulated well with various bonuses and promotions. Another factor that has helped boost interest in the iGaming industry is the rapid growth of the internet within the population, with over sixty million people using a mobile connection.  

Improved technology

With perpetually increased use of the internet in Kenya comes an increase in technological advancement. As the user numbers have risen, so have online casinos in Kenya.

As more international casinos have noticed this, they have started to offer more enticing bonuses, promotions, and attractive bankroll boosts.

The improvements in online safety and security have further boosted the usage of online casinos. Gambling online is a lot safer and is widely considered a more convenient way of participating in our favorite games. These games can all be accessed quickly and easily from a PC, smartphone, or tablet, and with such a young population in Kenya, almost everyone has access to one or more of those items. 

The impressive array of online casino games is another helpful boost to the popularity of online casino games. With so many young Kenyan players looking to win easy money, it comes as no surprise that this fun way of playing has become so popular.

Gambling laws in Kenya

By legalizing the activity, it became more accessible, and therefore the industry saw significant upgrades when it came to how people played and paid.

A significant factor when taking part in online gambling is the ease of making online payments. Kenyan Online casinos have managed to keep up with the times and offer several local payment options, making it very easy for Kenyans to participate in their favorite games.

The country’s median age comes in at around 20 years old, meaning that the country is entirely up to date with the latest technology trends and online gaming sites. When it comes to Kenyan gambling laws, every kind of online casino or sports betting activity you can imagine is legal. Kenya is also one of the first countries to legalize various casino activities and sports betting over sixty years ago.

The Betting, Lottery, and Gambling Act of 1966 legalized the activity and introduced it to the general public. The Act clearly states that anyone over the age of 18 in Kenya can participate in gambling activities such as live casinos, sports betting sites, and various other gambling activities.

The betting control and licensing board

The iGaming regulatory board is another critical factor in boosting the popularity of gambling in Kenya. The main piece of this legislation gives power to the Betting Control and Licensing Board. This power allows the BCLB to effectively control all forms of iGaming and land-based gambling activities in the country. 

The board has control over many other activities, including taxing those involved in gambling. The BCLB is responsible for making sure that all gambling done within Kenya’s borders is legal. Any prize competition or lottery must go through them.

In short, the Betting Control and Licensing Board is responsible for making sure that any gambling carried out in Kenya, whether it be virtually or in-person, is regulated and controlled. They strictly monitor gaming lotteries and betting and protect gamers against fraud by promoting safer gambling practices.

With the help of the internet, technological advancements, and various laws and legislations, online gambling has flourished in Africa, particularly along the east coast of Kenya. With such a young population and the added convenience and fashion to doing everything online, online casinos were bound to find success from the very beginning. 

Room for growth

While we believe the Kenyan online gaming business has room to develop, we are excited to have the opportunity to talk and share the lowdown on online gambling and provide you with an overview of what is already available.

Whatever your preferences, there is a wide range of games that provide fantastic gambling chances, and you will be able to discover one that matches your requirements.

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