Kenyatta University Hostel Application & Accommodation

Apply for an Accommodation at Kenyatta University.

Kenyatta University Hostel Application & Accommodation exercise has just commenced. Students who wish to be accommodated at the Main or Ruiru Campuses should submit their application on or before 15th, June 2017.

The main campus accommodation is divided into Eastern, Western and Nyayo Zones for administration purposes. The main campus accommodates KUCCPS students only.

Ruiru Campus has few spaces available for self-sponsored students. Rooms are usually allocated randomly to all students who have applied.

The following is a brief description of the Hostels at the main campus:

Eastern Zone Hostels

This zone is comprised of the following Hostels, Four male students hostels (Mfumbiro, Nyandarua, Old Menengai and New Menengai) and Two female students hostels (New Aberdare and Old Aberdare).

Western Zone

This zone lies between the KU Conference center and the new students center and consists of the following hostels: For male students, the hostels are (Kilimabogo, Longonot, Usambara blocks 2 and new Ruwenzori). Lukenya hostel, Usambara Blocks 1 and 3 hostel, Old Ruwenzori, and Ngong

Lukenya hostel, Usambara Blocks 1 and 3 hostel, Old Ruwenzori and Ngong Hostels accommodates Female students.

Nyayo Zone

This is the most notorious zone and lies across the railway line and has six hostels, two for Female students (Nyayo One and Nyayo Two) and Four for male students, (Nyayo Three, Nyayo Four, Nyayo Flats, Nyayo Five and Nyao Six)

The Ruiru Campus accommodates Self-Sponsored students in the following hostels (Chania and Tana Blocks 2, 3 and 4) for Male Students and (Athi and Tana Blocks 1 and 5) for female students.

Kindly note that hostel rooms range from Single, double, triple and common rooms for six students, each priced differently with singles being the most expensive.

Off Campus Application

For students who wish to stay away from the campus, click on this link and download the full details for off-campus accommodation including contact persons, location and per semester charges.

Kenyatta University Hostel Application & Accommodation Application for Academic Year 2017/2018

All continuing undergraduates, KUCCPS, and self-sponsored students can log in to the Hostel portal and apply for room allocation. You need to have an official KU Student school email ID to use this service. Visit this link and register using your student registration number.

Some of the students who are qualified for room allocation include:

  • 2nd and 3rd years in fourth-year program
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th years in the fifth year program
  • 5th,4th, 3rd and 2nd years in the sixth year program

Steps for Room application

  • Sign in to your student email account and ensure that your email looks like this:
  • Click on apply for a Hostel, then fill in the required details in the form provided
  • Select 2017-1 as the application period
  • submit and wait for results

Kenyatta University Hostel Application & Accommodation
Check your room allocation status by signing back at the portal, then select the Application status Tab and query using the 2017-1 application period.

How to Check Your Room

  • Log into the application by your student corporate email account you used during your initial application e.g
  • Click on the ” CHECK APPLICATION STATUS” tab.
  • Choose the “SELECT THE PERIOD” as “2017-1”
  • Enter your full registration number e.g E45/KTI/036/6784
  • Click on the “Submit” button to check if you have been allocated a hostel.
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