Law, technology, and other challenges cryptocurrency faces

You must have heard the news about Blockchain, Bitcoin, and digital currencies from the past decade. Cryptocurrency has become a topic of discussion in global economic forums. While various authorities were debating about the future of monetary assets, money, and other related resources, cryptocurrency became a rather controversial subject.

Before blockchain could have reached a phase of mass acceptance, the rising had to face a sudden draw up. It was also termed as Blockchain fatigue by technological research and consulting firm. Some experts have also stated that the craze of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has deteriorated. People also believe that maybe it was just a fad.

This point of view is practically inaccurate. When we consider the approximated market capitalisation of the cryptocurrency market and the reports of various financial institutions, powers may detest cryptocurrency, but they do support Blockchain technology. The halt in the progress of cryptocurrencies might be because of their disorderly nature. With this being said, there are also various other challenges that cryptocurrency has been facing, and most probably, will continue to face.

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency is fighting a battle of survival and is struggling to be accepted by the masses. However, blockchain technology has transcended this. Blockchain technology has gained mass acceptance, and various famous specialists in global trade are supporting it. It is a challenge for cryptocurrency and its enthusiasts because if Blockchain technology becomes successful without cryptocurrency, the game for cryptocurrencies will be over.

Though cryptocurrency has gone through a time of huge craze, it is still facing the issue of public relations. Bad advertisements, low-grade drives, schemes of getting rich instantaneously, and crimes are destroying the image of cryptocurrencies. For most simple people, cryptocurrency refers to fraud with new technology.

When the expanse of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is considered, this might seem a small problem. Nevertheless, this problem has inhibited the growth of cryptocurrencies for several years. The situation would not change unless some learned individual comes up to support cryptocurrencies.

It has been a decade for cryptocurrency and blockchain to adapt to the economies of various countries of the world. The reason for this delay was getting to grips with the problem of differences in the operation of the economies and societies of various countries.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralised digital entities. Our authorities are not prepared to control this complicated technology because cryptocurrencies are digital products. Hence, the absence of legislation to regulate cryptocurrencies and provide any kind of protection to users has become a great challenge.

Instructing and apprising people about keeping their data secure is a crucial step to lessen the risks involved. A broad gap is still there, vacant for insurance and diligent legislation. Cognizance to securely deal with cryptocurrencies is essential until these measures are taken.

Besides the absence of legislation, another big challenge for cryptocurrency holders is the question of how to spend their holdings. The undetectable nature of cryptocurrencies and their substandard depiction as a mode of funding for criminal activities such as terrorism and drug dealing has made it discreditable in some nations. Unless mass acceptance influences these legal challenges currently faced by cryptocurrency, we cannot confirm their status in the future.

Cryptocurrency goes through enactment challenges surpassing the absence of regulation and inoperative functions. Cryptocurrencies are still emerging, and they are quite immature in a system where other alternatives are broadly expandable and welcomed over it.

People also question how we can term a technology still emerging when it has been around for more than a decade. Not enough effort in its expansion is the answer to this question.

Interoperability is another major challenge faced by Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Interoperability refers to the potentiality of a software of a computer system to interchange and to use information.

All things considered, the consequences of the inactiveness of industrial giants, businesses, and government authorities alike have been changing the system of cryptocurrency trading and mining. This year will surely mould the cryptocurrency industry. The fact that this transformation would be positive or negative is yet unknown. Doubtlessly, the challenges are big for cryptocurrencies. As the nature of cryptocurrencies, their future is also unpredictable.

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