Metaverse: The Next Big Term

Probably, you will come across the term “metaverse” more often in 2022 and beyond. Social media giant switched its name from “Facebook” to “meta.” Technology giant Microsoft wants to be part of the metaverse ecosystem.

The metaverse space is going to entrap more attention because it has something for everyone.

In this blog post, we will scour metaverse. Why is it integral? And, what is the next chapter of this epic digital story?

The Metaverse

The term “metaverse” was invoked as a fictitious concept. And for a time, it remained in the realm of sci-fi in pieces of literature.

As the law of attraction suggests, “you get what you visualize, or even imagine! “

It’s already started happening. 

The metaverse is a virtual reality that allows users to interact using avatars. Avatars are digital representations of humans. The payment transactions are processed via cryptocurrency and tokens. Tokens and crypto can be used to purchase items within the metaverse. You can exchange virtual currency (tokens and cryptocurrency) for real money. If you are still new to this you can utilize other exchanges platform, like

Metaverse is the avant-garde version of the internet. It underpins distributed, dedicated online 3D, AR, VR environments.

Metaverse is a virtual world created by people who use blockchain technology. Blockchain is a decentralized database. 

You can create your own data structure called smart contracts. Smart contracts entitle you to write code that runs automatically when specific prerequisites are fulfilled. 

In other words, you can program your own statutes. A metaverse is a ‘zone’ where you can interact with other participants using blockchain technology. 

Decentraland is an example of a metaverse project owned by its users. In this virtual destination, you can create, explore, and trade.

The Sandbox is another virtual metaverse project on blockchain. In Sandbox, you can build, own, play, and earn tokens and cryptocurrencies. 

Why do I care?

Because metaverse will indiscriminately recast the internet world. And inevitably breed the next operating generation.

Here are some reasons why you care about metaverse. Consider these generic use case examples. And behold, the use of metaverse is not just limited to the examples given below.

  • Internet technology has already been proved handy in the global pandemic (Covid-19). It enabled the companies to resume the workflow without physical interaction. The next epoch of technology can fill the gaps existing today.
  • The metaverse also links with other economic systems where people can make money off virtual goods.
  • If you are in crypto, you already participate in the metaverse.
  • If you are a gaming enthusiast, you’d want to monetize your time and gaming experience. Metaverse is the space where you can make bugs off your hobby or even devices.
  • If you sell physical products, you are more likely to display your product catalogs on AR and/or VR platforms in metaverse space. Because your business may not sustain if you miss out on the metaverse platform.
  • If you are just using the internet for entertainment, you’ll want to take your experience to the next level. And that’s where metaverse comes in. 
  • If you are an art creator, you will find plenty of opportunities in the metaverse.

One way or the other, you are gonna enter the metaverse space through some digital gateway.

What’s next?

Next to the internet, we know today, is metaverse!

Cryptocurrencies are making their way into the mainstream economy. In fact, crypto’s role in the metaverse economy is like blood in the body. The metaverse is bridging physical and virtual worlds. And its premier tool will be cryptocurrency.

People will be able to buy anything in the real world with cryptocurrency. 

Virtual land and avatars will be available for sale. Crypto tokens will be used to pay for virtual and even real parties.

Artists will perform in virtual reality, earn money in cryptocurrency, and trade them for goods in the real world. 

The value, utility, and growth of cryptocurrency will rise rapidly in the global market.

Industries will take a new shift in participation with the metaverse and blockchain technology. 

The metaverse is gonna displace the monopoly of many institutions in the world of finance, job market, art, entertainment, and education, to name a few!

Virtual reality will allow people to experience new things without leaving their homes. Wearable devices will make it easier for children to learn about different subjects.


Different businesses will embrace cryptocurrency to make transactions hassle-free and cost-effective. It is just a matter of time when metaverse will entangle everyday life with virtual entities.

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