Mombasa Kenya: Kenya’s Vacation Paradise

Mombasa Kenya is a city regarded as the paradise of East Africa and the main tourist destination in Africa. It is the second largest city in Kenya, a place where there’s a depth of history and a sense of community unlike any other city in Kenya. As a tourist town, Mombasa is a vibrant city rich in a mixture of old and new architecture, and a vibrant multicultural community.

In Mombasa, everything is more relaxed. If you are looking for a historical touch of Kenya, then Mombasa should be your destination along with Malindi. The most welcoming place in Mombasa is the exotic old town, a place with narrow winding streets. It entails a mixture of Portuguese and Arab architecture, some dating back to the 16th century.

Mombasa kenya
Fort Jesus in Mombasa

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Mombasa is home to the worlds most pristine beaches with the best tropical climate and white sands. The waters stay warm throughout the year, making Mombasa an ideal vacation destination at any time of the year. Coupled with its large selection of beachfront hotels, Mombasa is surely the tropical paradise of Africa.

Mombasa old town

Old town Mombasa is the exotic old town where most of the buildings are painted chalk white, a place with narrow winding streets and a mixture of Portuguese and Arab architecture, some dating back to the 16th century.

The streets are full of color, with women wearing the beautiful African kikoi’s and kanga’s. The markets are always busy and the air feels calm and relaxed. Mombasa Kenya is surely a beautiful place to stroll around in the evening, after an eventful day at the beach.

Getting to and around Mombasa Kenya

By Air

Moi International Airport serves the city of Mombasa Kenya, and it is located in Port Reitz. It is Kenya’s second largest international airport, handles tremendous traffic with more than eighteen airlines flying directly, mostly to and from Europe; (MBA) serves as an entry point to the coastal region of Kenya

By Train

With the completion of the world-class SGR project named Madaraka Express, the journey to Mombasa just became fun to travel via rail. The SGR offers the most relaxed rail experience as the railway strolls through national parks giving you world-class views of Kenya.

It is now faster than traveling by bus which reduces fatigue and anxiety. Still, travelers can choose to use the old narrow gauge railway system that existed before. However, the old trains travel overnight from Nairobi to Mombasa.

By Road

Driving in Mombasa is straight-forward and the majority of the roads are tarmacked. Getting around the city is easy by taxi, matatu (commuter taxi), Buses or motorcycle taxi also referred to as Tuk-tuk. For those with an interest for a wild and ancient feel, you can get a ride on bicycle taxi, commonly known in the city as boda-boda.

Taxis are common around the city and are a convenient form of transport. Taxis may be found at the airport, outside most hotels, shopping malls and in the city.

By Sea

Mombasa port is the largest in Kenya. There is little or no scheduled passenger service. International cruise ships frequent the port.

Mombasa kenya

By Ferry

Mombasa is an Island and there is no bridge connecting the island to the south coast. Instead, the distance is served by ferries operated by the Kenya Ferry Service. Ferries ply the route from Kilindini and Mtongwe to Likoni in the south coast of Mombasa.

Tourist Destinations in Mombasa

Gedi Ruins – the remains of a Swahili lost city

Fort Jesus – a Portuguese fort built in 1593

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