Sarahah App in Kenya: Everything You Need to Know

I know that many of you still have questions like what is Sarahah App, where do I download it from, how does it work, how to use it and so forth and so on. Some of you are already familiar with this App or how it works.

But there are still many out there who are surprised by the buzz surrounding it. I’m going to explain to you about everything you need to Know about the Sarahah App.

We’ve all had that feeling in one way or another be it at work, school or home where you need to complain or tell your boss, colleagues or friends about their annoying habits. But you don’t have the means to express yourself or the guts to do so for unknown reasons.

What about your crush, ha? You can’t tell him/her about your feeling. Well, the good news is that, there’s an App specifically meant for delivery of positive criticism or kufungua roho (Letting it out or opening your heart 🙄 🙂 ) as some of you may put it.

Everything You Need to Know About the Sarahah App

What is Sarahah app?

Sarahah App was created by a Saudi based developer known as ZainAlabdin Tawfiq. The term “Sarahah” which is Arabic simply means honesty. On the other hand, Sarahah App is an anonymous messaging app that lets people send random messages to any random person who has the app installed.

The Sarahah app uses a combination of honesty and anonymity to create a fun-filled confession system for its users. Tawfiq believed that there was a need for constructive feedback in his workplace and that is when he thought of creating something like Sarahah. He thought that keeping this feedback anonymous for the employees was a good option.

To find that person, you’ll either have to use the link to that person’s Sarahah profile or you can search for the profile through the user ID or email address. Although, given the anonymous nature of the app, the search functionality is not as good as in Facebook or Twitter.

Importance of Sarahah App

The main function of the App is to assist in personal development by helping you to get honest feedback about you as an individual from your coworkers and friends. What distinguishes it from other Apps is the ability to send anonymous messages at any given cost.

At work, the app will help you in enhancing your areas of strength and to strengthen those areas for Improvement through positive criticism from your colleagues. With Your Friends, the App lets you improve your friendship by letting your friends be honest with you

Why is the Sarahah App Popular?

The reason why the app has become popular is that the receiver of the message doesn’t even get to know the sender’s identity. Because the message is sent anonymously.

Another reason why it is trending is that it is a very simple to use. All you need to do is sign up for it and then share your ID with friends, or haters for that matter. Posting and receiving messages is also simple.

However, if not used diligently, this app also has potential to be very risky. Some reports claim that a bunch of people have been misusing the application and using it as a means of cyber bullying.

How to use the Sarahah App

  • Like any other app, download Sarahah App from either Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore.
  • Set up an account by simply entering your username, name, email, and enter a password on the interface provided. This messaging app doesn’t require your mobile number, which makes sense given this is about anonymity.
  • Once you have logged in, create and you can share your Sarahah link (it usually reads on Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp or copy the link and paste it to a different social platform.
  • Anyone who has access to the link will be able to send you messages. This could be friends, fans, or even strangers who are on the app or those who are not even on the app.
  • To send a message, the user clicks on the link, which opens a text box with a message, “Leave a constructive message.”
  • Obviously, the constructive part is lost for most folks. People can type in their message and hit send. When a user receives the message, they just get the text and don’t know who sent that particular message.
  • There’s no way to directly reply to the received messages via Sarahah. But the option is still under development.
  • You can also send anonymous messages to anyone you want to. However, that person has to be a Sarahah user as well.

There is no way to directly block a user on Sarahah. However, if a user receives an offensive message on Sarahah, they can simply long press on the message and block it. After which the user will not receive any message from the particular sender

Is Sarahah App regular messaging app?

No, this is not a regular messaging app, and other than sending random anonymous messages to people it doesn’t offer much. The tabs on the app are limited to Profile, Messages, Search and Explore.

All sent, received, and favorite messages appear in “Messages” tab. When you receive a message, you can either chose to favorite it or block the user or even report it. Though we are not sure what happens after you report a message.

Sarahah App Features

As far as privacy is concerned, you can opt not to appear in search users result list of the app and also block users to post. These options can be found under settings.

People who know your Sarahah profile link will be able to send anonymous messages. There’s also a search bar included in the App to find users who are registered with Sarahah.

The “Favorite” tab shows messages where you have tapped the heart symbol. The “Sent” button shows all the “constructive” criticism you have been sending on the app.  Whereas the “Search” field allows you to search for people whom you wish to send the anonymous messages.

Next up, there’s an “Explore” tab which isn’t live yet. “SOON”. This feature will be available in the next update, be alert! ” reads the message on the page. We’re not sure what the developers plan to do with this.

Finally, the “Profile” page allows you manage your profile. It shows a user’s profile picture along with Sarahah username, and the number of messages received.

UrbanKenyans Special Interview.

Can the identity of the anonymous user be revealed?

“There’ll be no name, no information about the sender of the message anywhere. However, because of the anonymity built in the application, some users are misusing it as a cyber bullying platform,” Said Zainal Abidin Tawfiq, the founder of Sarahah in an exclusive interview with Urbankenyans.

He, however, said that in some exceptional instances if a user doesn’t follow the app guidelines, his/her identity could be revealed. Hence, the application should be used diligently.

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