is an advertising network that is based on shortened links distributed across the web. Coupled up with typical banners or popups/popunders, can be considered as an alternative to earn money because it provides a wide range of monetization options for Webmasters.

You can also earn money with without owning a website. To do this, you got to have a large following on Facebook, twitter or Instagram. If you want to increase your website revenue, you can get started with They are user-friendly and they are fast in payments. You can sign up here and later let me know how it works for you. Monetization Tools provides a wide range of monetization tools which can be implemented at the same time since they target website monetization. The tools include:

  • Video monetization
  • Word Press (wp) plugin
  • Blogspot comment monetization
  • Link monetization
  • API
  • Bounce rate monetization
  • Social/viral marketing/share monetization

How Does Work?

The main goal for URL shortening is to make links prettier and easier to share. A URL shortener works best with a basic 302 redirection which can help you keep track of your posts from different services. But if you add in an interstitial ad before doing the redirect? You get something like

Some of you may be familiar with a URL/link shortener and know how it works. You only need to copy the URL in question and paste it on a service like or Google and you’ll get a shorter URL and access to basic stats like the number of hits and countries where visitors are coming in.

You need to use URL service to shorten your links which once clicked, will have to pass through a redirection where visitors can see an ad for 5 seconds before they continue to their final destination. Ring a bell?

How to use

Installing on your website is pretty easy and takes less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is log in to your account, generate and customize a script under website script menu and then paste that code into your website.

You can also use the WordPress Plugin if your blog is running on WordPress CMS. Download the plugin from the WP repository and add your API number from your Shorte account and you’ll be good to go.

How to Customize links behavior for website monetization

There are several options which you can use to change the behavior links you want to monetize. Let’s go through each one

  1. Entry Script

This option allows you to display ads to any visitor of your page even if they don’t click on any links. This is best used for websites that don’t link out that much, However, you must be careful with this type of approach. I would recommend using this kind of ads on a torrent/download site but not on a personal blog.

2. Include/Exclude domains

The include domain allows you either monetize all of your links a part from those you don’t want to be included or you can just monetize the links you want to include. For example, if you want to monetize all links with videos or going to Facebook but want to keep the rest of the links clean then you will use the Include feature.

The Exclude feature is particularly important great if you want to monetize all of your external links. Let’s say that I have a blog named, and I want to monetize everything except for the internal links, I will need to add to the list. Everything else Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc will be monetized.

3. Exit script

Also referred to as the bounce rate monetization. The exit script is meant to monetize visitors that are going to give you a high bounce rate on your website. I.e Visitors who enter your website, and then go back immediately without scrolling or reading anything from you.

  1. Social Share Monetization

Have you come across content lockers? where you are required to either tweet, share or like an article to reveal the content? has a tool for that which will also monetize every social action. This is great for viral blogs.

Blogspot monetization is a simple tool with an ability to create Blogspot comments which can be monetized. If you’re a person who loves to post comments then, this could be useful for you. Payment options pays via Paypal or Payoneer with a very low entry barrier of $5 before getting paid and pays on a NET 10 basis, which means you’ll be paid on the 10th of each month for the money you did last month.

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