Shock as showroom drug deals are revealed

Nelson Marwa, the  Coastal Regional Co-ordinator  has conveyed a notice to proprietors of showrooms who are distributing  drugs under the pretense of being auto shippers, while utilizing their showrooms as secret drug dens.

Marwa uncovered that drug nobles had now started stashing Cocaine in auto tire tubes to shroud their illegal exchange.

“The government knows that some auto shippers in Mombasa are using the auto business as imitations while in genuine sense they import drugs. They are utilizing the auto tire tubes to stack in and cocaine”. He expressed.

The government officials stated that the way in which a few showrooms were worked, offered belief to the suspicion of drug trading.

“it is suspicious how they will open a showroom in the CBD with only one car that will stay for quite a length time without being sold, yet the proprietors hack extravagantly to pay the showroom’s rent. What sort of business is that? Questioned Marwa.

The previous Mombasa County Commissioner expressed that utilization and trafficking of hard drugs in the district had heightened in the later past regardless of government endeavors to stem the bad habit, including that the trend could never again be endured.

Marwa insisted that authorities in Mombasa are examining instances of drug cartels that are supposedly using showrooms arranged inside of the Custom Bonded Depots (CBDs).

The Coast Regional Co-ordinator observation of the use of auto showrooms as drug sanctums had been occasioned by the  of late strengthened efforts to establish safety that have bolted out the hooligans from using the port as a course for drugs and other booty merchandise.



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