Signs that You’re Wasting Your Time in the Wrong Job

Global opinion polls show that over 60% of the global population does jobs that they do not love. Indeed, quite a significant number of Kenyans fall into this bracket. The tough economy has forced people to do job s they do not love in order to survive. Still, jobs are hard to come by so people take on what is available.

If you doubt this, simply look at the number of people doing jobs that are completely different from what they went to school to study. Let us narrow down to you as an individual.

Has it ever mattered to you that you feel like you are wasting time on your current job? It may have started as a small thought that you casually brushed off, but now the sensation is beginning to feel overwhelming.

Time is of essence and life itself is built on time. As such, you might want to consider doing something more worthwhile because the ultimate price is not money. The ultimate price is happiness.

Sometimes, it’s impossible for us to see what is so clear to everyone else. If you have a sneaking suspicion that you are in the wrong job, here are some signs that show you should find a position that is better.

You Haven’t Learned Anything New

Of all the creatures, humans like to learn and grow, especially in their line of work. When improvement is no longer possible, feelings of boredom and discontent flourish.

If it has been eons since you last learned new knowledge or gained a new skill in your job, it might be time for a change.

Your goal should be to find a workplace that places training and professional development as a top priority.


In fact, you can even look for positions that offer education benefits. Many employers are happy to assist you in earning an online MBA or another enviable credential.

This is a win-win: They gain an employee with enhanced knowledge and skill, and you continue to be challenged by new concepts.

You Dream of Working Elsewhere

It is normal to spend small portions of your working hours daydreaming. But if fantasies of another career consume your thoughts from the time you punch in to the time you leave, you might need to change your job.

Most of the time, this means that your current job isn’t fulfilling some critical need, so you should seek a job that offers the traits you fantasize about every day.

This problem is especially rampant among wannabe entrepreneurs, who imagine the challenge and satisfaction of running their own businesses.

However, if entrepreneurship is your next career step, you might consider sticking with your boring day job for another year or two to enjoy personal financial stability while your startup gets on its feet.

Your Feedback Is Ignored

Employees are vital assets to any organization.  Each employee has their mandate in the organization and a right to be listened to. All employees benefit when an organization is profitable, so when an employee has an idea that would improve the business, higher-ups should listen attentively.

If your thoughts and opinions are falling on deaf ears, you should find an employer who is more interested in taking your feedback to heart.

You Aren’t Appreciated in Any Way

Nothing is heartwarming to an employee like recognizing their work for an organization. One of the best ways to motivate workers is by showing appreciation.  A lesson you should learn soon if you hope to be a business leader.

Thus, if your bosses have failed to appreciate your hard work and dedication, you probably aren’t feeling driven to perform at your current job.

When you begin your job hunt, you should try to interview workers at organizations where you might apply to determine whether they feel sufficiently appreciated and therefore fulfilled in their positions.

Your Boss Values Suspicious Qualities

You can form opinions based on its summary though you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You should consider the basic values of your current business leaders. Do they strive for transparency, or do they hold secrets close and often spread lies?

Do they reward creativity, or do they celebrate mindless obedience over all? If your bosses don’t share your values, indeed, if they seem to perpetuate practices that act contrary to your needs and wants, you need to find new employment or build a business that upholds your corporate beliefs.

Always Overstressed

What is work? According to physics, work is the combination of force and distance. This means even if you spend the whole day pushing a wall and it did not move an inch, you have not worked.

With work, there have to be results. There should be evidence showing that results of the force you applied. Work should be challenging, but it shouldn’t be constantly overwhelming.

Chronic stress has significant impacts on your mental and physical health. It can result in depression, heart disease and other dangerous conditions. In the short term, too much stress can demotivate you and turn work into a gruelling chore.

If any aspect of your current work environment is causing your stress levels to remain untenably elevated, you should pivot toward a career that assures you a healthier atmosphere.

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