Some new trend of business in Kenya that can give huge return

While Kenya is known for being one of Africa’s most beautiful countries, it has been affected by the waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the economy has been dealt a pandemic blow, many workers have been relieved of their jobs. But as they say, after the rain comes the sunshine. The African continent is doing it’s best to pull in part of the $1 billion global Esports market. Leading the way for Kenya is a pro-gamer by the name of “Queen Arrow” Sylvia Gathoni is Kenya’s first female pro-gamer. She is a law student by day and just one of the many pro-gamers making waves from the African continent. Bookmaker Sportsbook even offers odds on Esports competition if you’re looking to back one Kenya’s pro-gamers.

Irrespective of government function on soliciting a balance between tax and reality in Kenya – the need to provide a stable employment environment or job support scheme for the youth is the viable solution to generate more revenue, while making the youth contribute to the development of the nation.

However, with COVID-19 vaccine getting accepted globally and gradually, the restoration of global economy is gradually coming back to shape and with Kenya it is an opportunity for the youth to rely on what they could do to be a businessman.

Moreover, below are some of the businesses the youth could do to turn their fortune around.

Graphic design and content creation

One of the most on demand specialist a over the world right now is graphic designers which is a sub cadre under the online content creation. The content creator have had breakthrough in most of their dealing.

The need for content creation cannot be overly emphasized as the need to adjust, edit and create graphic for the purpose of online tech is quite imperative as many website is been created on a daily basis and the graphic designers and content creator are at the basis of what drive the competition in the website creation industry.

More so, as it’s getting harder to secure job from Kenyan and the larger pool of the Kenya economy drive has mostly been informal sector while the formal sector is lingering on the basis of connection among other factors according to the claim of some youth.

Contents creation provide a gateway to work with and work for many company companies while dictating the flow of your work with huge reward in remunerations and wages. Although, it takes time to learn and master the graphics and content creation, but the integration of smartphone and firepower to earn can easily give you the surge needed to be a master creator in no time.

Social media marketer

This is another niche in the current world that drive many companies either online or offline success. With the business competition getting fierce everyday, many businesses and companies are looking to bolster their chance of getting more customers with the power new marketing strategy and social media is at the fore of this tussle.

Many youth all over the world are driving lots of companies to greatness while working for themselves and not the company. Because creating and informal company to get the marketing contracts of bigger firm has been the trend that drive the new marketing techniques.

Many youth are using their influence to ensure that their followers are looking in the direction of a particular company, while making their follower a potential customer for any company that would pay them.

However, making wave as a social media marketer is deemed easy by many, but been a professional social media marketer involve the combination of understanding marketing as a whole while gaining influence on the notable social media, from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and to the extent of driving your WhatsApp cadre to a fruition.

While looking for where to work or scared of losing the one you are currently holding, you should start understanding how to market a brand using social media, while driving your time as you control your income at your mercy.

Photography and Cinematography

Photography is one of the most lucrative business in modern time and as there is high surge in the website creation, many are looking to add value to their online creation with the use of video and pictures – thus the need for photographer and cinematographer is beyond the question covering events alone.

Yes! The traditional essence of photography is quite having a huge turnover on income structure, while many youth are fancy their chance on photo-shoots, celebration and the need of a cinematographer and photographer for diffraction is quite appealing, most especially in Africa.

Their might be many that are running towards photography or cinematography already, but not too many of them can be boastful of how to market their dealing with the connection of technologies and social media influences and with your ambitions, having to keen on photography is a way to maximize your business opportunities in an environment where to start a business is difficult.


Either online or traditional mode of teaching in offline is always a lucrative job to attain. However, with the effect of COVID-19 pandemic hovering over the educational system in Kenya, it is imperative to bridge the gap left by the student and tutoring these children in-line can give you huge reward.

Education line is one of the business that can never be outdated and with economic shutdown, education meltdown and transportation crippled, the factor that drive everything which is information explanation in form of education can have a huge in natural future and you as a youth can drive many back to school through online tutoring.

Summing up

Kenya have a huge prospect in terms of economy advancement and the youth have the major role to play. Though, the gap created by the influence COVID-19 is still rocking the economy drive of many sectors in the country.

And the need to do something is dominating many youth conditions However, having to understand the need for business and the choice of business to focus on can drive many youth to employ enemy satisfaction in no time.

But, it is imperative to understand your passion and capability before you choose a niche in business, because sometimes, it is passion that drive you to succeed when everything looks gloomy and blurry and the income are forthcoming on time.

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