Taxify Kenya Driver Requirements 2020

Bolt formerly Taxify Kenya is a taxi-hailing app that was launched in Kenya in July 2016. It came into the market at a convenient time when convenience is what we all prefer.

From running errands to attending that out of town event, staying late on that date; Taxify is your preferred choice of driver.

Why Taxify Kenya

Taxify Kenya

Looking through the internet, there are many available taxi applications that one can go for. Why then does one go for Taxify and leave the others?

1. Earn with Taxify – Considering the harsh economic times, everyone is looking for that extra source of income. This is one way to earn extra.

2.Flexibility – You are free to work with a schedule that suits you. There are no minimum working hours and no overseer; you are your boss.

3. Pay As You Earn -With Taxify, no monthly charges apply; you only pay when you earn your days income.

How to join Taxify as a driver

You have a car, and you want to use it to earn extra money? Yes, must be your answer seeing as you are reading this article. Relax and let me take you through.

Step 1

Visit on your browser. Therein will appear a dialogue box where you are required to fill in your email address, phone number, and city. Click “Next” once you have finished.

Step 2

You will be directed to the personal information and car details section. Here you are required to fill your first and last names, language and referral code if someone referred you.

Under car details, give information about the car manufacturer, the car model, car year and license plate. Click “Continue”.

Step 3

What follows is the legal and pricing section. Here, you give your Identity Card number and Driver’s Licence number. Then click continue.

Step 4

The next section is the documents section. Here, uploads of driver’s profile photo, national I.D, PSV driving license, PSV insurance, regular driving license, NTSA inspection sticker, business permit and vehicle’s photo are required.

All documents are required except the driver’s photo, regular driver’s license, and business permit. To proceed to click “continue’.

Step 5

Payment details, this is the last section. After you have filled all the details, click “finish”, and you will get a success message.

“Success! Expect to be contacted by Taxify in a few days!” Proceed to watch the drivers’ training video.

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That was easy. Yes, go ahead and make use of that soft skill you have. If you don’t have a car, you still are legible to be a Taxify driver. There is an option to be linked with a fleet owner.

You have probably heard this over a dozen times; I will repeat it, the world is changing, fast. Technology is making all the difference; it is time to embrace it.

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