The bizarre “curse” of Aaron Ramsey

The curse of Aaron Ramsey is a strange superstition that has taken the world of football by storm. Horse racing also has a few weird aspects, and at you can wager on them too.

According to this superstition, whenever Welsh footballer Aaron Ramsey scores a goal, a famous person will die shortly thereafter. While this may seem like a silly belief to many, the superstition has gained a significant following among fans. Many have attributed the deaths of several high-profile individuals to Ramsey’s goals. At 1xBet it is possible to wager on other interesting aspects of football too.

The Origins

The origin of the curse can be traced back to 2011 when Ramsey scored a goal for Arsenal against Manchester United. Shortly after, none other than Osama bin Laden died. Fans began to connect the two events, believing that Ramsey’s goal had somehow caused bin Laden’s demise. Discover now the best football betting odds, which can also be used to make great wagers on Arsenal matches too.

However, the belief in the curse of Aaron Ramsey didn’t stop there. Over the years, several other famous people have died shortly after Ramsey scored a goal. Some names that have been involved include:

  • Steve Jobs;
  • Muammar Gaddafi;
  • Whitney Houston;
  • and David Bowie.

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A Joke That Managed to Consolidate Itself

Despite this lack of evidence, the curse of Aaron Ramsey has gained a following. Many fans have jokingly attributed the deaths of famous people to Ramsey’s goals. The superstition has also become a meme, with social media users creating humorous posts and memes linking Ramsey’s goals to celebrity deaths. There are competitive cricket betting odds, which can also be used to wager on some of the best competitions in the world.

Ramsey himself has acknowledged the superstition, stating in a 2018 interview that he finds it amusing but doesn’t take it seriously. He has also said that he hopes the superstition will end soon, as he doesn’t want to be associated with death and tragedy.

It’s worth noting that superstitions like the curse of Aaron Ramsey are not uncommon in the world of sports. Athletes and fans alike often believe in rituals, lucky charms, and other superstitions they believe will bring them good fortune. While these beliefs are often harmless, they can become a source of controversy when they involve beliefs about death and tragedy. There are competitive cricket betting odds at 1xBet, where many interesting aspects of this sport can be wagered.

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