The Most Important Aspects of Car Insurance

In Kenya, car insurance pretty much functions the same as it would anywhere else. So if you already have some knowledge about car insurance where you are from, you may have some knowledge about car insurance in Kenya too. For the most part, the difference is all in the terminology. So, here is everything you need to know about car insurance when living as a resident in Kenya. 

General Car Insurance in Kenya 

The most basic car insurance is that required by law; these are often liability insurance coverages in order to cover damages and injuries that you cause to other drivers. This is a legal responsibility in several parts of the world, and countries in Africa are no exception. In Kenya, the two required auto coverages are:

  • Physical damage (PD) – First and foremost, there is property damage liability or physical damage insurance, as it is called in Kenya. This accounts for any damage to another’s vehicle or property that you cause in an accident. 
  • Third-party liability (TPL) – Now comes the question of injuries that you cause to other drivers and pedestrians. That is where third-party liability comes into play by insuring against medical fees, emergency assistance, and other services that result from injuries sustained in a car accident. Both of these coverages make up for what is required for car insurance in Kenya.

Other Features of Car Insurance in Kenya 

The previously mentioned car insurance coverage in Kenya is all the basic coverage that is usually expected in car insurance everywhere you go. Kenya, specifically, has some more coverage and features when it comes to their insurance compared to others. These are:

  • Borderless coverage – Driving into some African territories with Kenya-based car insurance doesn’t always mean that your coverage won’t extend during your travels. While some exceptions apply, one Africa-based insurance should cover you in the majority of the continent. 
  • Political violence coverage – Unique to car insurance in Africa, there is also coverage if a vehicle is damaged during a riot, terrorist attack, or other hazards of a political nature. This may have to be bought as an add-on to your policy or is already included. 
  • First accident forgiveness – While accidents and claims are known to increase car insurance costs, you can get let off for your very first accident with some coverage. This is a common insurance add-on around the world. Of course, the accident shouldn’t be that major or damaging. 
  • Uninsured motorist coverage – Several drivers choose to drive illegally without proper auto insurance coverage; this is a global issue. That’s why it’s important to have uninsured motorist coverage for just the occasion. You never know who you’re sharing the road with. 
  • Home country rental reimbursement – If you are driving a rental vehicle in your home country in Africa, this coverage will insure should anything happen or go wrong while it is in your care. This coverage also works in the US and Canada if the rental car is from there. 
  • Tower and labor – Sometimes called roadside assistance, this coverage can come in handy when your car breaks down while out on the open road and you need assistance. 
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