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Fun Things to do in Kenya


A list of things to do In Kenya

Kenya has been a country that has set a good reputation in terms of what it offers in the tourism sector. This is due to the different activities, geographical features, wild animals that are normally at your disposal in the various regions. There has been numerous of things to do in Kenya which differ from one county to the other due to the changes in culture and geographical phenomenon. Considering Mombasa County which holds Mombasa town, it has gained a lot of popularity both nationally and internationally, due to the various attractions which bring about various activities such as:

  • Swimming and boat riding. This has normally been made possible by the Indian Ocean where people normally take part in the various water activities. The ocean normally has experts who are at your disposal so as to take you through any of these activities thus ensuring that you are safe. The ocean also has a beach where people spend their time basking thus enjoying the cool ocean breeze.
  • Visiting the fort Jesus. This is a Portuguese fort which was built in 1591. The fort was declared a world heritage site in 2011 being considered as one of the most outstanding and well preserved old forts. The fact that it holds a lot of historic memories has seen it as a priority visiting a site by the people visiting Mombasa.
  • Go for some traditional meals. Bearing in mind that the greatest population of Mombasa County is Muslim, their delicious meals are served in the various hotels which are of different levels.
  • Visiting the wild animals. This can either be in the national park or the game reserves. The main place to see the wild animals from their natural habitat is the Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve. The park has a length of 8km which makes it an enjoyable ride.

Mombasa has been rated as one of the leading counties with activities that make your holiday worthwhile. It is, therefore, an open chance for you to visit and take part in all the things listed above and much more. It also gives you a chance to visit places such as Lamu town amongst others.

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