Top 10 Crypto Billionaires as Per Forbes: Know About Them

Crypto investment has played an important role in enhancing the investment profile and has rewarded the investors with good returns. With that, many people have also made a ton of money. It will even be so interesting for you to know about them. While doing so, you need to know about the amount they have and some other details about them. That will help you go ahead and ensure you will get even more interest in cryptocurrencies. you can visit to know more

Forbes Top 10 Crypto Billionaires

One of the greatest business magazines ever also lists the top billionaires who made their money investing in crypto. You will eventually get to know about them, and also with some details. Also, if you want more details about cryptos and the investment, you can follow as well.

Changpeng Zhao

He is the richest person in the complete cryptocurrency world, with $65 billion. If you get to know this person, then you will find him as the owner and CEO of the crypto trading platform “Binance”. Also, CZ owns a little Bitcoin, and he also owns some BNB, though that amount is not disclosed yet.

Sam Bankman-Fried

While looking for another billionaire in the crypto world, then the next name will be this one, and he owns $24 billion. He is the co-owner of FTX, a crypto trading platform, and owns around half of that company. In fact, he has $7 billion of FTT, and that is the native coin of this very brand.

Brian Armstrong

The founder and CEO of Coinbase will also come on the list with $6.6 billion. In April 2021, this company started its listing for the public to trade. At that time, the complete valuation was $100 billion. Though he only has a 19% stake in the company, that is pretty enough to make him wealthy.

Gary Wang

This person owns around %5.9 billion, and that is also from the cryptocurrency itself. Along with that, he has a steak of 16% of the company. Also, he has $600 million of FTT, and that is even making him wealthier.

Chris Larsen

With a wealth of $4.3 billion, he stands in the 5th place in the list of top crypto billionaires by Forbes. He is the co-founder of Ripple, and their native token, XRP, is the 8th largest crypto in the world. He and his people also run a campaign on the climate with “Change the Code, Not the Climate”.

Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss

Ideally, they have started their crypto journey with Bitcoin and have been buying it since 2012. Now, they have a crypto exchange Gemini, and they even own a Nifty gateway for NFTs. They own $4 billion each with the help of crypto itself.

Song Chi-Hyung

He has a net worth of $3.7 billion, and he is the founder of Upbit. This is the leading crypto exchange platform in South Korea. He also owns a quarter of the company known as Dunamu, which is the parent company of Upbit.

Barry Silbert

With a worth of $3.2 billion, he also took place on the list. He is the founder of Digital Currency Group, and that is an investment group that he has started. He used to be an investment banker, and now his company has invested in more than 200 crypto companies.

Jed McCaleb

He was also a co-founder of Ripple and made the most of the worth with that itself. However, he left that company in 2013 and started his own crypto company, Steller. He owns $2.5 billion, and that is also enough to be on this list.

Nikil Viswanathan and Joseph Lau

They are the co-founders of the blockchain Alchemy, which they started in 2017, and this one basically works as the tool kit for all the people who make different blockchain technologies. Each of them owns $2.4 billion.

The bottom line

You have already got to know about the details of the top 10 crypto billionaires in the world, along with the details and the ways they made that money too. So, it will also help you to understand how you need to plan your investments in cryptocurrency accordingly.

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