Top 10 Highest Paying Ethereum and Bitcoin Faucets for 2022

Cryptocurrency faucets or crypto faucets are one of the most popular ways to get free bitcoins. We present to your attention the top ten cryptocurrency faucets, where it is fashionable to consistently receive free ethereum, bitcoin and other types of electronic currencies.

Which high-paying faucets are worth paying attention to?

Among professional miners, only the TOP-10 popular crypto faucets are noted, and these are:


You can find it on request: ethereum faucetRollercoin, and test without any investment. Rollercoin is not a typical cryptocurrency faucet, it is a game where you can get rewards for certain actions.

In Game you also need to pass authentication and verification. There you can create your own main character, this is a real mining simulator that involves a cool race for crypto coins in the form of Satoshi.

Rollercoin is a platform that contains a complex of 8-bit games with generous rewards in cryptocurrency, namely in Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other types of electronic currencies. You can register and get your first funds right away by playing games without investing anything. The withdrawal is available immediately after the minimum amount has been set, but you can not withdraw the funds received, but invest them in the same project in order to earn more.


You can also find this crypto-collector among the search engine results for the query: how to get free ethereum? This is one of the oldest projects, which was created in 2013. In addition to small regular payments, users also get the opportunity to win up to $200 every hour.


This is another crypto faucet project where you can mine free Ethereum or Bitcoin in different ways. They are accrued in cryptocurrency and you can withdraw them to your wallet in the blockchain system. Using this site, you can build a source of passive income by developing a referral network. The amount of income in the referral program is 25%.

Lucky Block

The platform, which has been working with smart contracts for several years now, offers users two types of earnings:

  • without investments – you can get 1 ticket every day absolutely free;
  • with investments – you can buy an unlimited number of blocks and get a chance to win the Jackpot.


There are a lot of registered users here, as the site regularly pays out earned funds without delay. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20,000 Satoshi. To start earning, you need to register, confirm your email, and also have a wallet in the blockchain system. The project pays for viewing advertisers’ sites, participating in simple surveys, and being active in mini-games.


Site, where you can earn periodically just by visiting it. Active users who complete daily tasks manage to earn more, as the project offers an activity reward system.


A unique project with a large number of ways to earn cryptocurrency, where you can also build a network of referrals and receive regular stable income, simply from the activity of users who have registered using your link. The referral program provides for payments in the amount of 10% of the income of referrals.

Moon bitcoin

This crypto faucet has been operating since 2015. Its unique offer is to allow you to receive Satoshi every 5 minutes in the literal sense. Many crypto faucets do not allow their users to request Satoshi so often and they have to wait from one hour to a day, and sometimes even longer.

Satoshi Labs

This crypto collector is really relevant today; one of its features is that users have to open a specific TREZOR hardware wallet in order for them to withdraw earned Satoshi. Naturally, the online platform has a minimum withdrawal, which is 5000 Satoshi. But if you regularly use the service, then it is quite realistic to get much more income.


The platform is popular because it is an analogue of the online resource AdBTC TOP, which is in demand by Internet users. Despite this, the online platform has many of its advantages, which are not only in earning the coveted Satoshi, but also in the fact that newcomers do not need to invest to use this service online. This is a great alternative to other types of similar websites, allowing you to earn money on three types of activities. These actions are:

  • classic surfing of online resources with timing;
  • labor-intensive types of work on the passage of levels;
  • fulfillment of offers (complex tasks).


New projects are launched regularly on the Internet, about which no one knows anything. To gain popularity and become famous, they can also use tricks such as cryptocurrency faucets to attract visitors to the site. Therefore, you can also search for additional new options for foreign projects distributing Ethereum, for example, by request: ethereum faucet. If you want to earn money, then do not be afraid to start.

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