Top 10 Most Popular Types Of Sports Bet

Online sports betting is among the fastest-growing industries worldwide. The number of betting sites seems to increase almost on a daily basis.

To find out more about how to bet and where to place those bets, check out for all the information you’ll need.

To learn how to bet once you join up at a site, read on and find out.


A moneyline is assigned to both teams. It’s based on a $100 wager. If the moneyline is Detroit +135, that means if you bet Detroit, you’ll win $135.

However, if the line is Toronto -210, that indicates how many dollars you’d be required to bet on Toronto in order to realize a $100 profit.

Point Spread

In most games, one team will be better than the other. It might only be a slight difference, or it could be a wide margin. To ensure money wagered on these games is as close to a 50-50 balance between the two teams as they can make it, oddsmakers assign a point spread to each game.

So if you see Baltimore -3.5, that means Baltimore is the favorite and would need to win by four points in order for a bet on the team to cash. Now if the line said Cleveland +4, that means Cleveland is the underdog. If you bet Cleveland and they lose by less than four points, your wager is still a winner.


Also called the over/under, this is a bet on the combined final score of a game. A total is established, say 58.5 points in an NFL game. Bettors wager on whether the teams will go over or under that total.


As the title suggests, these wagers are placed on events in which the outcome won’t be completed for weeks, months, even years. It could be on which team will win the World Series, or the FIFA World Cup. There are also future book wagers on individual accomplishments, such as which driver will win the Formula One world title.

It requires patience to place a futures wagers, but in this instance, patience can indeed be a virtue. The odds on future bets are generally more favorable, so the payday on a winner will be more lucrative.

Game Props

The prop wager became popular in the mid-1980s, when a Las Vegas sportsbook offered a novelty wager on whether Chicago Bears defensive tackle William (The Refrigerator) Perry would score a touchdown during Super Bowl XX against the New England Patriots. It was such a popular wager that sportsbooks realized they’d stumbled into a gold mine.

Today, there are props on just about every element of the game – which team will score first, how will that score be achieved, what will the score be at the end of each quarter, half, period, or inning?

There are also props relating to events that have nothing to do with the outcome of the game. For instance, on Super Bowl Sunday, bettors can wager on how long it will take the singer to complete the national anthem, and whether the pregame coin flip will end up heads or tails.

Player Props

Just like game props, these wagers are based on achievements by individual players during a game. Options include whether a player will score during the game and who will score the first goal of the game. In American football, there are also yardage over/unders on players for rushing, passing and receiving.


Parlays are low-risk, high-return wagers. A bettor packages the outcomes of several games together in one wager, and all must come in for it to be a winner.

Successful parlays are rare, but there are also those that hit and pay in the thousands.


Teaser bets are similar to parlays in that there are multiple components that must come in to win the bet. The difference is that bettors are allowed to tease the point spread, getting more points on the team they are betting.

By doing this, though, it means the payout will be significantly smaller than a parlay.

Round Robins

A round robin is a more complicated wager, bringing several types of bets together into one all-encompassing bet.

Live Betting

Live betting is like prop wagers on steroids. These are bets made on the next outcome in a game. It could be on which team gets the next corner kick, free kick or yellow card.

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