TOP 5 Successful Forex Traders In Kenya

The popularity of forex trading is increasing across the world and it is also attracting people in countries like Kenya. Entering the financial markets today to learn and trade forex has been easier than ever, thanks to the various online trading platforms with educational materials and educational websites like However, being successful in the field is not very easy. You can blow up your account within a second if you do not have proper knowledge about risk management.

A great way to learn for new traders is to learn from the best. There are many traders in Kenya who have already achieved the success you want, and they are opening new ways for newcomers to earn more from trading. Moreover, you can always look up to them when things do not seem to work and you feel demotivated.

Here are the top successful forex traders in Kenya:

  1. Patrick Mahinge

Patrick Mahinge started trading on the forex market when a friend advised him. Since then, he has become a successful trader. Today, he is the founder of Kenya Forex Firm that offers training and portfolio management services for forex traders in Kenya. Patrick also works as a mentor for new traders at his firm. Apart from a trader and mentor, he is also an online blogger and a serial entrepreneur who is committed to developing new businesses from home.

  1. Ken Githaiga

Ken Githaiga left college in 2008 and started trading on the forex market. He is quite unique in his own way as he is a self-taught trader. Ken obtained all information about trading from Google searches and YouTube videos and added it to his knowledge. He does not view forex trading as his full-time job; it is only a small part of his portfolio. Ken helps new forex traders get education through his Jay Forex Academy. He also works as an accountant and he is also a forex broker at Hotforex.

  1. Paul Mugenda

The founder of Paris FX Kenya, Paul Mugenda has been trading in the forex market since 2014. He started his trading journey with $300 only that he borrowed. Today, he provides training to new traders on how to trade binary options as he prefers to trade in binary options currently. Paul also offers mentorship seminars for young people.

  1. Silah Obegi

Silah Obegi started forex trading in 2012 with the information he gained in school. He has a Bachelor degree in Business Management from Moi University. Today, Obegi is the founder of Nairobi School of Forex, which is one of the leading forex trading schools in Kenya. He is also the founder and CEO of Meta Capital Limited. It is a finance company that provides trading solutions for forex traders in Kenya.

  1. Sylvia Muchai

Sylvia Muchai is the founder of Sylvia’s Traders Lounge. It helps members to achieve success as financial traders by developing strategies. She started forex trading with only $250 in her trading account in 2014. Since then, she has become one of the most successful traders in the country. Sylvia taught herself how to trade more efficiently by attending seminars, reading books, and opening demo accounts. Today, she is eager to help new forex traders learn the basics, whether they have prior experience in trading or not.

Knowing more about these traders, as well as their approaches towards trading would give you the knowledge and motivation you need to start trading. They are an inspiration during your trading journey as you work hard to be as successful as they have been in forex trading.

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