Top Insurance Covers; GA Insurance Company

GA insurance is a group of companies found in Kenya and Tanzania. In Kenya, they have I&M bank, GA insurance, and GA life Assurance Limited. In today’s article, we are going to discuss GA insurance covers and other products offered.

 What types of Products are offered by GA insurance?

GA insurance has a wide range of products to offer to its clients in terms of the insurance. For this insurance company, its products are divided into various categories as will be discussed below.

  1. Fire and allied peril insurance

Unlike other fire covers offered by other insurance companies, GA insurance fire insurance covers even the consequential loss that may arise from any fire. It’s worth to note that this is on top of the other normal fire cover policies.

2. Engineering Cover

If you are an engineer or work in this industry, there might need to take insurance cover over any risk that may arise while in the field. Some of the risks covered under engineering include Electronic equipment, Machinery breakdown, Contractors risk as well as erection all risk.

3. Motor Vehicle Insurance

Whether you own a motorbike or a car or lorry, this is the cover for you! Moreover, this insurance goes a step further and offers covers for both private and commercial vehicles. This cover takes care of everyone.

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4. Aviation Insurance

This is another unique product that GA insurance company Limited offers. This product suits all those companies that are operating within the Aviation industry. Some of the covers under this product include:

  • Liabilities arising from Aviation
  • Personal accidents for Aviation crew
  • Hull Insurance
  • Any other allied perils and hull wars

5. Travel, health, and accident

GA insurance offers Group health insurance covers, travel insurance abroad, as well as group personal accident.

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6. Miscellaneous covers

In addition to the products discussed above, This company has other insurance covers such as:

  • Sporting gear and equipment policy
  • Office shield
  • Money insurance
  • Event cancellation insurance
  • Fidelity guarantee
  • Goods in transit


This insurance is among the best medical insurance in Kenya at the moment. Its board of management comprises of individuals who are leaders in the banking industry. This, therefore, means that it can be trusted.

If you, therefore, need to get an insurance cover, Please pay GA insurance Company a visit and you might get yourself a deal.

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