Types of Bloggers – What is Your Type?

Today I take a break and look around for my fellow bloggers. When I look closely, I see the following types of bloggers. However, I might not have seen everything, so don’t crucify me but be useful and point out what you see or think. My question is, Where do you belong? What type of blogger are you? Will leave that to you but here is my view of the kinds of bloggers.

Types of bloggers

Types of Bloggers

You put all your energy into increasing your blog traffic. The numbers are what matter to you, and you are merely obsessed with your daily visitors and the number of subscribers to your Twitter/Facebook account.

You always work to increase sales, you think blogging is a business and conversions are what matters most to you.

Your ambition is to be famous; Win awards, get on TV, dinner with a minister or become a brand ambassador. You also try to be controversial so that you get the attention and your name on the trend (Being in the spotlight).

The reason why you blog, is to gain financial independence and build a profitable business in the long-term, basically living your passion.

You believe in yourself and know that you only succeed with your charisma, with your personality, or luck. After all, you heard that some people make are reaping big in the blogging business.

You always believe that there are successive tests that will identify what works, and what is bound to fail. You try out 30 different techniques when others try only one.

You believe that selling is dirty, it is not your class. Your dignity prohibits you from selling information products. By cons, there is no objection to pollute your site with intrusive advertising and sponsored articles, which often promote companies whose values are contrary to your own.

You make a living by helping readers solve their problems. You sell your products. Blogging to you is business and that it is the most honest that can exist since it is physically impossible to cheat anyone: a disappointed customer is always refunded.

You like to blog about trending issues, carried by the buzz. You are always being the first to break the news, specifically the latest gossip in your field.

You are always eager and are looking to gain the respect of your peers.

You want to earn respect and trust of your readers and customers.

You enjoy writing articles on what we should do to change society.

You enjoy writing articles on what we can do now, right now, individually, to change your fate.

You speak to people as if he were God, the president, or the Pope,

You talk to people regularly.  You see a stranger as a friend, by default. You are accessible and knows that visitors pay your salary.

You always seek to be as high as possible in the rankings of bloggers.

Which Type of Blogger Are You?

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