Why do athletes want to get paid in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are still increasing, with Bitcoin continuing to be the undisputed leader of the whole sector. The developments brought about by the coronavirus outbreak have only hastened Bitcoin’s invasion of the financial world (to put it mildly). An increasing number of firms accept it as payment. At the same time, other shops and service providers are completely basing their systems on the blockchain.
At the same time, other shops and service providers are completely basing their systems on the blockchain (you can check out www.mybitcoinslots.com to be amazed by some of the best offers). Cryptocurrencies have many followers and lovers, including celebrities and stars. When some NFL players sought to be paid in cryptocurrency, it sparked a heated debate.

Though it may seem to be another caprice, there might be a rationale behind it. Since then, many notable figures, particularly in the sports world, have come out to profess their admiration for Bitcoin. Many people are trading online and earning profits online while using legit trading platforms like bitcoin-buyer.app, where you can do online trading easily.

Bitcoin in the world of sports

The Sacramento Kings have long been regarded as among the most bitcoin-forward clubs in professional sports, having been the first to take bitcoin in 2014. Several more major sports teams have started accepting Bitcoin for making payments. For example, the Oakland Athletics, the Major League Baseball club, announced in mid-March 2021 that they would take Bitcoin for season suites. Regardless of how much bitcoin changes in value, the team’s management chose to take a single bitcoin as well for the full-season suites. “We’re going to keep it. We believe in it, and we hope it continues to rise.
Who knows, maybe we will be able to sign some huge free agents with part of the proceeds?” stated the team’s president, Dave Kaval. In 2019, the Dallas Mavericks of an NBA began accepting Bitcoin as payout for game ticket sales using BitPay. “We want our fans who want to purchase with bitcoin to be able to do so,” said Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Direct payment alternatives for teams’ players will become significantly more accessible if they begin taking bitcoin as income and incorporate it on their balance sheets.

Why would anyone prefer to be paid in bitcoin?

It is a wise investment, first. Numerous players understand their careers will end relatively soon. Professional sports are both physically and intellectually demanding, and they are not anything that you can do for the rest of your life. It is not as frequent as it may seem for athletes to become superstars; therefore, most of them must search for alternative methods to generate money at a certain age or when an accident ends their careers.

Cryptocurrencies have remained largely steady, even in the middle of the epidemic. They may also become more lucrative for those who can afford to give up some significant resources. Furthermore, cryptocurrency is becoming more generally acknowledged, and it now has a monetary worth. Bitcoin allows you to get wealthy in a very genuine sense. This value is not affected by political and economic turmoils, at least not to the level that conventional money controlled by financial institutions is, as the coronavirus outbreak has shown to the globe.

From the impossible to the possible

Okung’s breakthrough narrative of getting “paid in bitcoin” and the Sacramento Kings’ recent statement that workers may be paid in Bitcoin reassure us of Roger Bannister and the 4-minute mile. When the unthinkable becomes achievable, the mental barrier that was before impeding success vanishes. This was true for the 4-minute mile, although it is true for athletes who wish to be compensated in bitcoin. From Okung needing to convert his dollars into bitcoin four months ago towards the Sacramento Kings declaring direct bitcoin payment of salary, we see the future development in real-time right in front of our eyes.

Consider where Bitcoin acceptance has come in the previous four months, much alone the previous four years. Bitcoin has only been alive for 13 years, yet it is already becoming the asset with the quickest market value of a trillion dollars. Imagine wherever bitcoin adoption would be in another ten years if the price has climbed from $1.00 for each bitcoin from 2011 to $60,000 in 2021. Adoption is taking place in real-time. Their bitcoin decisions will define which side of that line these teams will be on.

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