Why Visit Kenya


There must be a reason why more than two million tourists visit Kenya every year. Some of the factors for you to visit Kenya includes but not limited to

Visit Kenya for an animal safari

Kenya is known as the home of animal safari, where tourist can go on a wide range of safaris from, nature walks at Nairobi national park, bike riding and trekking safaris at Aberdare national park the options are endless The most spectacular safari to me is Tsavo National park, where you get to see the famous big five (lion, leopards, elephant, and rhino) all in one park; or you can choose to experience one of the world wonders by visiting Maasai Mara National park and experience the greatest spectacle of all migrations which is the WILDEBEEST MIGRATION.

*safari- Swahili word > origin -> Arabic – “safari” meaning Journey.

Another reason why you should visit Kenya is its natural beauty

Kenya despite being small in size its packed with a wide range of topography and a diverse flora and fauna; from the searing deserts to the rich savannah grassland, mountains covered with Mooreland and snow-capped Mt Kenya; the combinations give the country such a beautiful scenery. Kenya beauty is exemplified by the Great Rift Valley; a valley that divides Kenya down the length of the entire country. It contains all but uninhabitable desert, flat arid plains, steep cliffs, and slopes, and in some areas, very fertile farmland, and Lake Bogoria which contains the highest concentration of true geysers in Africa.

The weather is a good reason why you should visit Kenya

Kenya has a wonderful tropical climate throughout the year. It is usually warm during the day with plenty of sunshine and cooler nights and mornings. Due to the country’s location along the equator, the seasonal temperature changes are not extreme. The hottest season of the year is from January to March with temperatures as high as 93°F (34°C); and the rainy season is in April through June, while the coolest season falls between July and August with temperatures dropping to around 60°F (16°C). The rainy season is considered as a low season because not so many people visit during this season, but if you are looking for a bargain in travel this would be the ideal time. And to sum it all up, as to why you should not give up to the idea of visit Kenya; is the economics, a safari in Kenya will cost you a whole lot less than compared to the western countries.

And to sum it all up, as to why you should not give up the idea to visit Kenya; is the economics, a safari in Kenya will cost you a whole lot less than compared to the western countries

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