Yellow Fever vaccine, how much does it cost?


Yellow fever is transmitted through a bite by a yellow mosquito. It is a viral disease. The yellow fever vaccine is a live weakened form of this virus. When traveling from one country to another, it might be a requirement for one to present a yellow fever certificate.

Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria are some of the major countries that require one to present a yellow Fever certificate upon reentry into the country. In today’s article, therefore, we are going to look at the yellow fever vaccine. As well as how much it will cost one in order to get the vaccine and certificate.

Is it a requirement to get a yellow fever vaccine while getting into Kenya?

Yes, it is a requirement but it is majorly dependent on the country in which you are coming from. It is a requirement that upon entry, one should present a valid certificate of Yellow fever vaccine.

Moreover, a Yellow fever certificate must be at least ten days for it to be valid while being presented at the airport. That is why it is very important to take it ten days before one’s scheduled travel. It is worth to note that there are other types of vaccines that one may require while traveling to Kenya apart from the Yellow fever vaccine.

How much does a Yellow fever vaccine cost?

In Kenya, One can get a shot of Yellow fever at Ksh.3500. The most convenient place to get this vaccine is at the City Council Offices and Port health facility. However, one could choose to get this shot from any public or private hospital that is authorized to issue a yellow fever certificate.

For the purpose of anyone in Nairobi and its environments and who would like to get a shot of Yellow fever certificate. Therefore, here is a list of both private and public hospitals that one will be assured to get the yellow fever vaccine certificate from.

Name:    Ports Health Facility
Location: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
Email: [email protected]
Office: 0773053845/0776183068

Name: Mp Shah hospital
Location: Parklands, Shivachi road
email: [email protected]
Office: +254 20 429 1000 +254 72 220 4427

Name: Nairobi Women’s hospital
Location: Hurlingham, Argwins Kodhek road,
Office: 0709-667-000
Email:[email protected]

Name: Agha Khan Hospital
Location: 3rd Parklands Avenue
Office: 073662153

Name: Nairobi hospital
Location: Argwins Kodhek road
Office: 0703 082 000 – 0730 666000
Email: [email protected]

Name: Nairobi County Government
Location: City hall annex, 3rd floor
Email: [email protected]

Name: Ministry of Healthy
Location: Afya house, Cathedral road
Email: [email protected]

Which passengers are required to be screed for yellow fever upon entry in the country?

It’s worth to note that Passengers from the countries below are required to be screened for yellow fever vaccine. Passengers from the countries below should present yellow fever certificate upon entry into the country:

Burkina Faso
The central African Republic
Cote d’Ivoire
Democratic Republic of Congo
Equatorial Guinea
The Gambia

Sierra Leone
South Sudan
French Guyana

Does this fever have treatment?

At the moment, there is no defined treatment for yellow fever. The vaccine only strengthens immunity. However, Most doctors and physician recommended the use of pain killers to bring down the fever, enough sleep and rest. Moreover, people showing severe signs of this fever are mostly hospitalized for close monitoring.

Who are not eligible to get the yellow fever vaccine?

  • People who earlier had this vaccine and their body had a reaction to it should not get this shot for a second time.
  • Babies below the age of 6 months are also not required to get this vaccine.
  • Anyone who has received a transplant
  • Anyone whose body has an allergic reaction to eggs, gelatin and chicken proteins
  • If one also has a weak immune system that might be caused by a preexisting condition

Validity of the Yellow Fever injection

Any yellow fever injection/vaccine that was given before 2004 is valid for only ten years from the date of receiving the injection. However, for any injection given after 2004, its valid for a lifetime. This is therefore a bit of good news for anyone yet to receive the vaccine as its only given once.


Before getting a yellow fever vaccine, it is very important to seek advice from your travel advisory.  In order to make sure that the yellow fever certificate is required for that particular travel.




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