Zash Loan App Download – (2020 Update)

Zash Loan App formerly known as KopaKash is a mobile loan lending app that is available on Google Play Store. The app provides personal loans to both employed and self-employed people in Kenya.

Zash app is among the best loan app in terms of simplicity, speed, and security. Their loan application process is so automated that once you make an application, your loan is reviewed and processed in an instant of 10 minutes.

Once approved, the money is disbursed straight to your M-PESA account within an hour. Their loan product range from Ksh 500 to Ksh 50,000 with varying repayment periods of between 14 – 90 days depending on the loan amount.

How Zash Loan App Works

Zash loan app, allows you to borrow money quickly and instantly through their mobile loan app. The borrowed amount is then delivered straight to your Mpesa account within a short time.

Zash app works only on smartphones by accessing your phone data such as phone type, SMS, call logs, airtime credit, among other things.

This information is used to calculate your loan limit and creditworthiness. So next time you’re out shopping for a new phone, choose wisely, you never know 🙂

Zash Loan APK Download and Application.

To apply for a loan from the Zash app, simply download the loan app from Google Play Store. And then register by signing up and filling out a short application on the app. This application process only takes a few minutes to complete.

But then again, your loan application process may not be complete unless you meet all the requirements stated below.

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Zash App Registration Requirements.

For your personal loan to be accepted and approved on the Zash loan app, the following information is required from you.

  1. A registered mobile number probably a Safaricom line.
  2. Your National ID number
  3. Your exact names as they appear on your National ID card.
  4. Place of work whether formal or informal.
  5. Next, your physical address i.e Home location.
  6. And lastly, your emergency contact info.

Note that, your personal loan application on the app may fail to be approved due to one of the following possible reasons.

  • Provision of wrong information.
  • Your current CRB ratings.
  • Working status.
  • And lastly a bad loan history from other lenders such as loan repayment capability.

Zash Loan Interest Rates.

Zash app developers aren’t quite specific about their loan interest rates among other charges. I haven’t specifically tested the app but, from user review on Play store, expect a high-interest rate on the smallest amount possible.

How to Repay your loan

To repay your Zash loan, simply sent the total amount owed to Zash M-pesa paybill number 733555 and use your phone number as the account number.

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Hold on a minute, Did you forget your password?

Well, if you happen to have forgotten your password;

  • Click on the “Forget password” On the log in page.
  • And then, enter the mobile number you used during the registration process.
  • Then enter the verification text given (in a box on the right side of your screen) and click on the submit menu button.
  • A verification code will be sent to you via SMS, enter the code and create a new password and then submit.

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