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Strathmore University Academic Calendar

Strathmore University Academic Calendar 2018-2019

Parents want the best for their kids when it comes to educations. But only a few institutions in Kenya are able to keep up...
Ford Mondeo

2017 Ford Mondeo review: Better than German machines?

When I first saw this car, I thought it was an Aston Martin. For that reason alone, it got my attention. Modeo is a...
what is love

Go Out There And Let Your Heart Be Broken By Everyone

I bet none of you my friends thought I can be a poet coz I write about cars and much more. Now just so...
Shell Fuels

Shell has launched new range of Shell fuels in Kenya

Shell is one of the leading multinationals when it comes to oil and gas. In Kenya, Vivo Energy has done an honorable task representing...

The Future of Rolls-Royce Is out of this world

When BMW began celebrating its 100th birthday earlier this year by unveiling some new concept cars, they didn’t forget their prodigal subsidiary son, Rolls-Royce...