Accidents can happen anytime, but do you know what to do when you’re involved in one? Accidents can happen at any time-sometimes within the twinkling of an eye, sometimes a prolonged ghastly 10seconds-and you may not be able to function properly afterward. From taking care of your injuries and reporting the accident, knowing the appropriate steps and things to do immediately...
symptoms of worn Spark Plugs
Common signs of faulty spark plugs include slow acceleration, loss of power, poor fuel economy, engine misfires, and difficulty starting the car. Without a spark, there would be no way for fuel to ignite in the combustion chamber. Spark plugs have been a critical component of the internal combustion engine for years. Spark plugs are designed to transmit an electrical...


Unexplained Wonders

Unexplained Wonders: What is happening to our world?

Guys I recently watched an environmental documentary recording bizarre happenings around the world. To some extent, the things happening out there are interesting and...
The Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon Review: Time to Crown a New King

I was walking along Thika Road on a mission. A mission to see just how much, we know about cars. And from the results,...

Expert’s View: Infinix Note 4 Specs & Price In Kenya.

Infinix 2017 Note 4 Model comes with more class and features compared to the Note 3 model. Cool interface, fast processor, fast charging and...

Latest Gionee Phones Price List in Kenya

Just in a couple of years, Gionee has risen to be a popular choice among Kenyans. This is majorly due to their innovative and...

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