Is it possible to travel without money? As I pose this question to you, I am also trying to rationalize the idea. I have traveled around the country but my travels have never been about me, but about a task, I am to accomplish. First things first, traveling is awesome. It allows you to gain beautiful memories which you save...
How to become a successful Blogger in Kenya
Are you an unsuccessful Kenyan blogger? Have you been blogging for several months or years and you hardly get more than a couple hundred views per month? Then this post on how to become a successful Blogger in Kenya is for you. Today, by revealing the heavily-guarded secrets every successful top Kenyan blogger wishes you didn’t know, I will show...


traffic jam

Traffic Jam: Is Commuting the Most Stressful Part of Your Job?

The modern world of public transport and privately owned vehicles has made it possible to seek employment opportunities located further afield to your home...
recycled plastics

Volvo to make Cars from Recycled Plastics

Ever since I read about that whale that died because it had ingested 80 plastic bags, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about...
Poison in Sugar

Poison In sugar? Come on this is a hysterical Joke!!

Let me start by saying that as I write this post I am enjoying a cup of tea with Kabras sugar that I bought...
online networking, Lead generation

AIM global and GIF review: Untold side of Lead Generation

Recently, lead generation businesses in Kenya have become very popular especially among the young people. While some of them are scams, others will just...

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