How to Shop on Amazon VIA Mpesa or Airtel

Want to buy on and Pay using Mpesa and get the goods shipped directly to you here in Kenya? Then read the article to the last line and if not sure, ask questions.

With the developments in technology, easy access to the internet thanks to ZUKU and Safaricom, you can now shop anywhere on the internet and pay using Mpesa in Kenya.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the World, with many stores across the globe. You can shop directly on Amazon from Kenya; however, you have to use a credit card. But, if you want to pay using Mpesa or Airtel Money or even PayPal, you have to use an intermediary.

I use VituMob to buy anything on Amazon and ship directly to my location and pay using Mpesa, Airtel Money, or if I want PayPal.

How to Buy on Amazon Using Mpesa

The following process will allow you to buy anything on Amazon and pay using Mpesa. You have to use a computer for a smooth operation. You will also need to be on the Chrome browser to use Vitumob.

Here is the process of buying from Amazon using Mpesa.

Step 1:

Visit and shop for the product you need to buy. Once you get the product, go ahead and add to cart and don’t check out. You can shop for more products and add to cart what you need. Make sure you add to cart what you need.

Step 2:

Open a new tab on chrome (CTRL + T on Windows or Command + T on Mac) and go to While on the website, click the first item to install the Vitumob chrome extension.

Step 3:

Once the extension has been installed, you will see it on the top right of your browser.

Step 4:

Go back to the Amazon page you had opened earlier. Click on the VituMob extension on the top right of the browser and the products will automatically be added to VituMob website.

Step 5:

You will now be on the VituMob website, and you can confirm your orders then click on checkout. You will be required to enter your details and contact address where they will bring your products. Select the method of Payment and click the Submit button.

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Step 6:

You will be taken to a screen with instructions on how to pay using M-Pesa on your phone, and you will get an email with instructions.

Then you will receive a message from Vitumob to your email that will look like this:

Well, that is it, so you can now start buying stuff from Amazon cheaply price using Mpesa and get the items delivered right to your doorstep.

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The steps for Airtel Money is the same as Mpesa; however, for PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete the payment on PayPal. Learn how to open a PayPal Account easily from Kenya.

If you don’t want to use VituMob or install things on your chrome, you can use these instructions to order directly from

You will need a credit card to shop directly from Amazon, so far, you can also use Nakumatt Global Card or your regular Credit Card.

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