How to Start Acting Career in Kenya?

Updated on 2024/03/21– Has it ever hit you that everything we watch besides News is staged? The acting industry is very vivid in our lives even when we are oblivious of it. And for that favourite show that you cannot miss to be a success, actors are needed to bring the script to actions. Talented people are articulate in the way they act to a point where they evoke emotions to the viewers. The big question if you are such an actor is how can you start your acting career in Kenya?

Most people who love acting get to halt in their thinking when the question about how to begin a real acting career comes to mind. The following tips are meant to provide an overview of how to start that acting career in Kenya.

Kenya National Theatre should be the very first stop for any aspiring actor. It is the place where all likeminded actors meet to begin their careers.

Other acting groups can also play the part, especially for people living outside Nairobi. The launch of Sauti Kuu by Auma Obama is another advantage that actors, among other talents, will have. These institutions nature upcoming actors until they are ripe for the industry.

Acting classes are essential for actors. This is because, at the end of the types, one gets a certificate to show that they are professionals in that field.

It is also an added advantage during auditions. Talking of auditions, an aspiring actor has to attend many auditions without getting heartbroken if they do not get the role that they auditioned for. Auditions are the only way to landing an acting role.

Have Kenyan Actors made it Internationally?

Lupita Nyong’o

Eddie Gathegi

These are examples of Kenyan actors who have fought their way to the top. Remember that no one is born a pro in any field. One of my favourite actors, Denzel Washington, explains how poor he was when starting but what prevented him from being rejected was the constant will to learn and be corrected. As of now, I believe you all know that none of his movies is annoying.

Acting, just like any other profession, requires marketing. An acting agent does the marketing job for the actor. Getting the right casting agent ensures that the actor gets informed of the various auditions, therefore, increasing their chances of landing a role. It is also the role of the aspiring actor to market themselves to relevant people.

One should also invest in the profession as well as network with people in the same profession. Investing means dedicating a great deal of time for auditioning, while networking means getting to know more people in that profession.

Network with other actors

The people that one network may know other people who may help increase their chances of landing acting roles in the acting industry.

Acting is a career that finally pays off when one does it rightfully and in a disciplined manner.  People out there are earning six-figure checks from their talents in acting, and that could be you if you persist.

No actor should limit themselves to the local industry. The international appetite for actors is far-ranging, and you could take chances when opportunities present themselves.

There are many good actors out there. One will require an extra skill that will make them stand out from the rest.

Lastly, one needs to be very optimistic to make it in this field. Attending many auditions without giving up is just the spirit that one needs to make it in this industry.

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  1. Hello urban Kenyans team,
    Hope this find you well, my name is grace and I am a Rwandan by nationality but currently schooling in Nairobi and I have really been dreaming about acting but I have never had the opportunity to meet an organization which can help prosper in my art passion. I would like to ask if this website is only for Kenyans or even outsiders may be helped through it?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you


  2. names are I.M NJUGUNA and ave always aspired to be an actor since childhood…contact me at 0797401730

    • Hello my name is Juliet Alela i have the passion and the capability of acting i will really appreciate to attend any audition please inform me of any,,,Thank you

  3. For the last five yrs something as been pushing me strongly to join the acting industry but don’t know where to start from.I blv ave the potential and capability to be a good actress….any help plz i will be grateful

  4. Comment:hello am judy mbugua from kenya i have passion and capability of acting and i would lyk to join auditions in kenya Thankyou

  5. Hello am Elizabeth wanjiku an upcoming actress and am looking for an opportunity to showcase my skills of acting thenks my number is 0795459765

  6. Am faith always been in the passion on acting but unfortunately I couldn’t make because I had no idea on where or how to start in, please help out and I’ll appreciate thank you. 0708814516

  7. Hello,am Truphena 20 years I have been inpiring to be on TV set since I was young I will be greatful Sana if you would help me achieve this 👌 please if by any chance you hear about auditions 2020 please 🙏🙏🙏 contact me through 0707011741 ,, looking forward for your reply Thanks

  8. Dear Brian Mwangi,

    I am 15. I have the Dream, Passion and Talent of becoming an actor in Kenya. I have also been acting on some plays in our church. I would like to nurture my talent and dream before attaining 18+ years. Can you help me to find a good agency which can make my upcoming talent a dream come true?

    Waiting to hear from you soon, you can email me at



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